Sunday, February 28, 2010

365 day 106 best day of the Olympics! | Calgary photographer

I have become an Olympics junkie this year. I watched it all day long almost every day... and the reruns at night!
Before all those gold medals came rolling.... I was completely hooked! Really wanting my kids to be in on the excitement I tried to get them all fired up. Which worked for Kadence. Rohan well.... wanted to watch Treehouse the last two weeks OF COURSE!
There were so many moments of these Olympics that were just so amazing. So emotional and real. Made you feel like you were somehow part of the athletes lives. I laughed and cried wished and hoped for so many of them. They were nothing short or inspirational...... LOVED every minute of them. I am so sad to see them go... watching them was so fun and a total change from cartoons :)

So we did what EVERYONE was doing today. Sat glued to the tv with good people and great treats!! And watched the CANADIANS kick some butt!!!!!! Wahooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
It was an awesome game and such a fun afternoon.  WTG Canada!!!!!

We are left with the record for the most golds EVER and some fantastic memories. I am so proud to be a Canadian and hope my children will be too. Canada is a great country, and our athletes showed the true colors of the people living here.

Here is how Ro spent A LOT of the game!!!! Funny kid is convinced he wants to play hockey.... but won't watch it!!!! Even as a newborn I would try to watch Flames games and without fail he would cry through the whole game!

Timmy's and snacks. Best game ever ;)

Poor grandma.... didn't see much of the game!


the kid who LOVES to watch hockey.... high fiving after the win!!! Nothing is focus... I saw it and snapped. BUT I have her excitement forever!!


  1. I feel the same way about the Olympics, sad to see them go! That game was amazing - and a little stressful, haha! I think I held my breath for the whole overtime period! Great captures Kathy - as always!



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