Wednesday, March 31, 2010

365 day 134 twin newborn sweetness | Calgary newborn photographer

So happy to be able to share a few more from the twins sessions :)
I have to admit I am having a hard time telling them apart. I tried keeping them in order because I had a fairly good grip the first time... but now that I have edited them all I know I need to learn a trick!!!!

They are such gorgeous little babies... so happy to have had the chance to capture some great moments with them!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

365 day 133 | Calgary photographer

Ok so...... EPIC fail today lol!!!!!
I had quite the busy day today. Sometimes kids just aren't cooperative... not sure if anyone else has ever noticed this!!!!!!

Last night as I was calling it a night, I was made aware that my 4 yr old was still awake at 11pm. Well, I thought there goes our trip to the mall with grandma tomorrow. When he stays up like this he has actually been sleeping in. Not sure what is causing the staying up.... he was playing with the window in his room when I went up there. All I could think of was 'GREAT. Can't take that away from him'. LOL.

So it was a total shock when he sauntered downstairs bright and early today. And I had one of those ''s going to be a FABULOUS day.' moments. (insert sarcasm when reading that) And fabulous it was. Kade and Ro were so grouchy I made the mistake of thinking we should still go to the mall to get them out of the house.

That was just awesome. (more sarcasm here). To top off my two 'lovely' children, my stroller wheel was squeaking. (D could you get to that pretty please?????) So we left the mall after hitting ONE lonely store and Orange Julius lol. Thinking we would go to see grandma's new house in Okotoks (she bought a showhome that is open so we thought we would show the kids).

So we start driving. This is what unfolded in the car,
Kade started taking off her shoes.
me: Kade why are you taking off your shoes?
Kade: I want my new ones on.
me: I didn't buy them. You wouldn't try them on so I told you I would not get them.
Then she breaks out crying and screaming the WHOLE RIDE. Over these shoes. great.

We arrive at the house..... to find out it doesn't open until 2!!!!
So I took them to Playtopia to make up for it. Which was really fun! Totally discovered Kade NEEDS to get into gymnastics... she was on these rings they have set up and was really cool to watch! Of course NOW she is hanging off everything including our kitchen table!!! She was walking the benches as if they were balance beams, and tumbling in the bounce house. Considering she has never even seen gymnastics I was pretty impressed. of course I am her mother.... so that wouldn't take much ;)

Anyways..... head home. I am so tired. SO TIRED. We all are... so we pop in a movie. Then I remember the pics. And I tried. Oh did I try.

So here I sit trying to finish the newborn session, and the pics from today. And my computer is SO SLOW. I need to get it in to Best Buy so I can have them see if they can recover any pictures from when I lost my hard drive. So I have been hooking up an external HD that does not require being plugged in every time I use my lap top. Which makes it so slow - you just can NOT imagine. There is just no way I will get done everything I need to tonight!

Wah wah wah.... I know :) But that is my day.

Here is Kade... playing with her dolls today. I swear every day she gets cuter and sweeter with those dolls. She had to have the high chair beside her while she ate tonight and HELD HER BABY all through supper. She talks to them, laughs, gives them baths and feeds them. It may be the cutest thing EVER. But again.... I am her mom so...... how do you like her look? She put her new clothes on (could NOT wait) together with the tights that matched the outfit she was wearing, and man does her hair look good or WHAT?????? And you can tell I need someone to come in and do my laundry!!! HAHAHAHAHA :)

The box is her baby's bathtub.

And she is having a crazy convo with her doll!! It was all about how much the doll's feet stunk!!!

And most moms would prob quickly ditch this pic.... however NOT ME!!!!! I love this.... one of her sig looks!

Monday, March 29, 2010

365 day 132 C is for........ | Calgary photographer

Canadian Geese......... :)

We had a very busy day and I didn't have time to really focus on my C day today. I am trying to finish up the twins newborn session for their mom.... It's almost done!!!!
So.... I thought I would include some of the geese just because it was part of our awesome day!

We braved the wind and went to Fish Creek and spent a few hours there with friends. It was soooo great and we all had fun! Apparently ducks do not just sit and splash each other for fun as I had assumed when I told the kids that was what they were doing. Spring is in the air I have been told...... hahahahaha!!! The dogs were sleeping on the stairs before I had even brought all the stuff in from the car! The kids also sat and watched a movie and relaxed for a bit. WHICH meant I didn't get to the grocery store right away for the ingredients for the REAL C - the day was slipping away. As you can see we got a bit of the C pics...... but will complete tomorrow ;) Can you believe he can crack eggs?? He has been doing that for a long time - he is a great BAKER!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

He's found!!!!!

After apending the morning phoning every agency and using every website availible, having gram drive around looking, and braving the crazy crazy windstorm with Kade putting up posters listening to Kade say 'Oscar is my favorite dog. OSCAR!!!!!!!' ...... Our neighbour phoned us!! They live down and around the block from us.... but they had him safe and sound at home.
I went to a site from the Humane Society called petlynx, set up Oscar's missing profile and she matched it!!!

I am so so grateful to nighbours like this - THANKS SO MUCH!!! Dion found us walking around and told us he had him safe and at home.

The kicker..... they found him Friday night. I didn't even notice. OMG.

Here he is safe and at home :)

our dog is missing!!!!

location: Shawnessy area
name: Oscar
size: medium
color: white with tan. tan on ears and back
tail: short stubby white
He is not wearing his tag but is licensed. If calling 311 his number is L09-306154

He is the biggest scaredy cat we can't believe he took off!
He must have gotten out when we had someone in to fix our couches. Dion caught him leaving the door open when he went outside 2X but we never saw Oscar leave. I had people in and out all day and usually all the commotion freaks Oscar out so I assumed he had gone under our bed fearing for his life when really he must have gotten out. We searched all last night, and have called the SPCA, the city and vets in our area.

Please if you have any info call 403-873-1036 :) My kids are out looking for him right now.

Friday, March 26, 2010

365 day 131 B is for...... | Calgary children's photographer

B is for.......

Blankies (bankies as Kade says) babies and bed!!!!
My kids are blankie die hards. Rohan must have his blue blankie spread out on his bed and over his pillow to sleep on. All the time. Kade must have her pink 'bankie' (which she called blue until just a couple weeks ago. I think cause Rohan always said blue blankie together she didn't even get blue was a color.) on her pillow All the time. She also needs the blanket with the circles on it on top of her. You know... the one I bought for photoshoots that I will never try using again lol ;)
She has a whole routine to follow to be put in bed.... the pink blankie on the pillow, the circles blanket on top of her, white soft one on top of that, and two pink ones on either side to cuddle.
Then it's on to her babies..... she needs at least 3 of them with her. And a bottle of milk/juice for them. And the suckie has to be in the purple one's mouth.

And on to the bed.... both love our bed. We had to move up to a king so we could all fit! They love jumping on it... can you tell? I swore they would never sleep in our bed. Then we had Kade. And that changed fast. At least we have some room!!!

So here it is... bed, blankies and babies!

365 day 130 let the project begin!!!! | Calgary children's photographer

It's time!!!!!!!
My newest project.

I want to make a book. For my kids about my kids. And you get to come along on the journey!
This is no ordinary book. Because, well you see...... there are alot of things I am not so good at as a mom!!!

One of them is record keeping. I suck. I freely admit that. Sorry kids..... I don't have your first words written down (ok maybe Ro I do... and Kade I think I put it on video somewhere for you), your first steps I think I may have somewhere, first teeth...... there are so many things. A lot of this info is floating around who knows where... but it's definitely not in a nice neat baby book like most moms I know!!!! And I do feel bad for this. I know I always want to know things about when I was little... I really want my kids to know!!!

So I have decided to do something I can do! I can take pictures. Phew now that THAT is out there I feel better lol.
My plan is to do an alphabet challenge.
I want to take each letter of the alphabet and attach something/one they LOVE right now to that letter. My rules are that is has to be something THEY love, it has to be more lifestyle shot (not studio set ups) and it has to have constructed shots and random snaps. Just for fun! I also want shots of them in their environments... in the living room, kitchen, their rooms... just to remember the chaos and confusion it is now.... and outdoors as well.

On one page I will have a huge pic of whatever that letter is, and on the other pics of them with it plus a little story to go with it. I plan on doing this every few years to show how what's important to them change!!

I really love this idea. Now... I will only be putting a few pics up here There are things I need to work out, like how to get the font I want to use to actually work on my computer, the layout of the book and selecting crops of pics etc.

But I am really excited. There will also be more technical things I try to master while doing this. I want to have different pping - but on each letter have it completely consistent. This is something I need a good challenge on so it should be perfect!!!!! Rohan is so excited to get a book with him in it it is really cute! But he did NOT want to be in on the shots today..... Kade was a more willing participant. If only she would smile lol.

So here we are. at the beginning.
the beginning of the book which will be called

the ABC'S according to Ro and Kade in 2010

so here we are... A is My kids are pretty cool when it comes to fruit and veggies. When given the choice they almost always choose fruits or veggies. Love it!! (but I did say almost lol. they would not refuse the good stuff)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

365 day 129 gorgeous simply gorgeous baby girl | Calgary newborn photographer

I forgot my sister had my kids today - so the project starts tomorrow. I was finishing up a ton of work today.... and oh my word look at all this squishy newborness!!!!!
She was just a total sweetheart and I totally enjoyed this whole session.... although I do feel terrible big sister L did not want to get in on the snappin action :(

Enjoy.... just LOVE these!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CAUGHT!!!!! | Calgary photographer

I totally forgot to add this pic in the last post.... so I wanted to make sure it got in!
Rohan is 4 and completely addicted to Mario Party. He is REALLY REALLY competitive lately.... so watching him play this game can be stressful. He always wants to win.
As I am not and have never really been a gamer I have a hard time winning it for him, or teaching him lol.

But he is persistant and keeps at it. Lately into the night. We have now taken it away after a certain time as he was starting to be up way to late and was (GASP) starting to sleep in! He has NEVER slept in before... so it is kind of interesting :)

I wanted to do really cool lighting for this... and I think I got it!! It looks just like it did when I opened the door a crack to see what he was up to!!!

365 day 125 I totally ditched the project for THIS!!!! | Calgary children's photographer

So I was going to start my project today.... however this was just too good to pass up!!!!
Today was an epic day... I had my friend K over with her two kids and really had a great time! We have desperately wanted pics of little miss S actually looking at the camera and being still since she was oh about 1 lol. I have tried taking her pics so many times... and it just never worked out. Today it was just a offhanded random hey S can you sit here for me? I'll give you a jelly bean. AND SHE DID IT!!! She may not have HUGE smiles (although there are a few with them) but she was still and looking and HAPPY!! Beyond thrilled :)

I wanted to take pics of her sister L. One of my friends whom I have taken many pics of her son since he was born had to go elsewhere to get some wing pictures. Sooooo I went and found me the BEST wings ever just so I would have them here. They are gorgeous. I of course needed a model... so miss L was happy to sit for me!
Her pics will be up soon... for now I am showing off one of her in a gorgeous dress with a lot of meaning packed into it for this family. She is beautiful!

After this amazing photo op we went to the mall. The kids got some cool shades, and Ro a hat. BTW Southcenter does NOT have enough bathrooms. You have to walk way too far to get to one when you have a group of 4 kids lol. And please. Make room in the elevator for people with kids. Seriously the dirty looks from people sans kids just riding the elevator for fun...... make the rest of the world angry! Just sayin ;)
Anyways...... we came home and the kids were having a ton of fun showing off their stuff.

I wanted the one of Ro to be more grunge/babd boy feel and Kade I wanted a vintage look. I LOVE these!!! Hello personalities!!!!!!

And if you've read this far.... good on you! I can ramble on and on and on and on........ but I'll stop now! Project starts tomorrow!!!!


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