Saturday, February 13, 2010

365 day 94 | Calgary children's photography

My kids had an amazing day today!!!! Which thrills me to no end. Sometimes being a parent feels like you are walking on a tightrope and all you can do is hope you won't fall off.
The last few days has caught me wanting to fall off!!!
Just a little catch up.... Rohan our child has proven to me the most difficult to discpline. We have been revamping strategies... taking advice.... reading books.... but wow he is really really THAT good.
So we started a chart for him in his room. His rules. He gets checkmarks and when he gets a certain total he gets to go out on an outing of his choice with mom or dad. Awesome hey??
Started out great.... then he just well tanked.
The other day we went to my sisters. All's good. Go to leave. Rohan throws a tantrum. So when we get home I send him to his room. I have to steam clean the carpets so I start getting ready in our main bedroom... luggin stuff up and downstairs to the bedroom. Then I go back to our room and see water on the floor. Thinking oh.. what is this??? I ask Ro and he says, I was mad at you so I peed on the floor. (good thing I was just about to steam clean. bad thing... a dog peed on it an hour after I steamed the whole upstairs. sersiously sometimes you're not even CLOSE to catching a break!)
WHAT????????????????????? What do you do with that??? I seriously was starting to slip and called Daddy to deal. He did and did it well. But really... I don't get it. Supernanny's don't talk just put them back.... ya get over here lady! He thinks that's a game. Seriously... he won't talk either but he will laugh HYSTERICALLY doing it (running out of time out) until you just are going to lose control because it is INFURIATING!!!!!! You talk to him and this happens (this is last night) Me - Rohan... you really need to start following your rules. You can not keep going into other people's things, grabbing random things out of closets. You must respect other people's stuff and ask before you use stuff that is not yours. Rohan - ok mom, I understand.
ONE HOUR LATER................................
Me - (after racing up the stairs thinking I smell something weird) Rohan... what is that smell and why is your hair wet???? Rohan - I don't know...... Me- are you kidding me WHAT is that smell? Rohan - THIS. So at some point in the day he had grabbed a bottle of D's perfume and was now using it as hair gel. AFTER we just had that nice beautiful calm talk.

I just.... some days I tell ya!!!

However... today was not one of those. I have put my neck or back or something out and couldn't do too much. And they played just so sweet. Sweet enough I dragged my sore self to Walmart for a suprise treat for them. They got to pick their treats.
Kade knew hers in a millisecond... a baby, Ro took FOREVER but walked away with a play microwave toy that beeps and stuff. Everything he really wanted was to expensive to be a treat for a good day LET ME TELL YOU!!!

He also got all his checkmarks. And this was the first time. so he is getting his special time out. And he was excited... he did his happy dance, which if you ever get to see it it is SO WORTH IT! This kid is either the happiest kid on the planet or... well.... you know - the saddest.grouchiest whatever!
He said to me when I tucked him in.... Mom I just just KNEW one day I would be good. HAHAHAHAHA. You can't not love your kid. No matter what they do, how mad they make you, the many times you agonize that you are not a good enough parent, how many times they make you cry..... somehow your heart overflows with love.

Sigh. I love you Rohan.

Anyways... noone wanted pics they were busy with their toys!

She loves her babies. They are all special. And she loves having them wrapped up. This is the look of concern. She can't wrap them up... so Rohan does it for her. But he better not TRY to walk away with it!!!

said doll. It has this soother (Kade gave hers up at 4 months - she asked me what it was called lol) and Kade took it to bed with her. All I kept hearing from her room was it's ok baby I have you. I have your suckie. It's ok. I know baby. Then in an angry rage. DON'T PEE IN YOUR UNDERWEAR BABY. bwahahahaha.

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  1. Wow, ah the joys of kids... I think its time for another Calgary trip cuz.




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