Monday, February 1, 2010

Helping Hearts for Haiti continued......

I have been received a few e-mails from people waiting on their receipt from donating.
I will extend the contest to this weekend. Or if you e-mail me saying you donated by Thurs this week and are waiting for the receipt. Everyone that donates will get in the draw :)

This is your chance to help some people in need and enter for a free session!!!!!
Please see HERE for all the info or click on the Hearts for Haiti tab on my scrollbar.

Please make your donations today and get entered in the draw!!!

If you are waiting on a receipt - please e-mail me or put a comment on this post so I can keep track!

Now.... what's a post without a pic?
Can you guess what this is? Anyone? Having some more fun with poor man's macro :)


  1. looks like either a bran or carrot muffin?!

  2. Oooh wow, that looks amazing. I second carrot muffin.

  3. ahhhh yes a lovely warm raisin bran muffin with butter. Sobeys bakery just rocks!!!



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