Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am almost there......

The time has come.... I have edited my little heart out. I have a few more pictures to share.
I have been stuck on two pictures. I was trying for a silhouette... but they just didn'te turn out quite they way I expected. And WHO KNEW a van was parked outside ruining the shots lol. So those are probably going to take more creativity. Once of them is so beautiful so I am determines to make something of it.
For now..... please enjoy these last shots :)
For those wanting to do this shot - use smaller blocks. If you can find them. and I have heard tape helps. This was the first try though, and I didn't even have blocks - they were Kate supplied. Thank goodness her child isn't deprived of blocks like mine!

This is a re-edit. I wasn't completely happy with my first attempt.

Monday, March 30, 2009

there is a light at the end of this mat shoot tunnel!

I'm almost done!!!!
Kate you are most patient.
I can not even describe how much of a learning curve I have taken doing a 'real' shoot. And I say that loosely lol.

Talk about figuring out a good workflow..... and cropping.... and sharpening..... and SKIN. Skin is the hardest thing to get right. I finally found a great way to edit skin, and I'm almost at the end of the pictures. FIGURES.

I am putting the pictures up here, because as I am gearing up for portfolio building, I like to have some examples of my work and see how I roll, or should I say shoot. This is my only way (for now) of doing that!

So here are some more!!!!

I can't figure out if color or b/w is better.......

Seriously. One of the prettiest pregnant women around right now :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some more maternity!!!

So I've been back to work. Another few photos down!!! I just love some of these photos, and have learned ALOT. This was a fantastic opportunity for me. So thank you again Kate... there will be some more :)
I have learned that taking so many pictures definately makes the selection process hard!!! And editing pictures is not as easy as I had planned! But I love learning, and have enjoyed learning many new things in editing these pictures.

one of the few I have with Petra in there. Too bad it was nap time - the snow really held me up for our appt. Will definately get more when the newest addition is here because she is too cute!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

first maternity shoot....

WOW!!! I had the most awesome afternoon with Kate and her family. She was so easygoing, and just let me shoot and reshoot, change backgrounds, and changed outfits.
It was so nice to have a nice stationary model that smiled and did just as they were told LOL!!!!

Thanks Kate, I have so many pictures that I like - it's going to take me awhile to go through them...... but here are some I edited and like so far ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

the post without a creative title

OK - So I am having a hard time writing. I thought I started this to clear my head and air things out, but I am constantly waiting to write an entry until I have something totally great to say or fantastic new pictures to put up.
I do not have either of these right now.

Sometimes, I just feel completely overwhelmed. I have made this huge decision in my life. Dion is 100% supporting me. I study, I practice, I take tons of pictures. I spend hours every night pouring over books, editing and reediting pictures just to get it right. Sometimes I think I have improved, then go take another look at other forums I'm in and get put back in my place. I sometimes feel like it is just never going to happen..... *THAT* shot is elusive. The major confidence boosting.... now you're getting it shot. And I feel slightly defeated.

There is just so much to learn, so much to know. And with kids - time for myself is few and far between. And the late night/early morning sessions are taking a tole on me.

But I think I have finally found my style. And that is a HUGE step. So now that I have discovered my style, I'm starting over LOL. I want to have Crisp, Clear, Bright pictures. It is not everyone's style, but that is going to be my style. I love it. Hopefully others will too if I wanna make a business lol. The biggest part of this is crisp and clear. LOVE IT!!!!!! So this is my newest step. Can't wait to get going on it.

I also have a belly-to-baby session lined up. I am so stoked!!! I have so many props ordered, still searching for a few more random things, hopefully I'll have it all together for this lovely lady. I can't wait!!!!! I am so nervous, but after I check her house out next week I'm sure I can make the plan of attack.

So - to beat the blahs........ Dion and I are going away this weekend SANS kids (first time ever for me) to Banff. I'm turning 30!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!! So we're going with Don and Crysta. It's going to be great!

I don't really have any new pics, because all I have been doing is reediting - but here's a couple of the kids being kids for all you fam that read this!
The kids doing their thing. This drives me CRAZY...... but they love it. It is also really messy.

There is no place to try to *get* your flash than in a nastily lit bathroom. Never thought I'd be glad for that LOL!!!!! The kids actually LIKE getting their pics taken there. 2 for 2!!!

This has become one of my fav things to photograph. Hopefully I'll be doing some different camera and flash settings and be able to show the results! I do love my flash (now that I know more how to use it) :)
One of my fav pics. The reason I have chosen bright in the mix that will be my style. Starring - one of the most photogenic kids on the planet.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

woa....... I have found something amazing!

This is not a huge post..... but I wanted to put it up so I can remember this day :)

I have heard about noiseware in a few forums. I never tried it - I can't be shelling out the bucks for the plug in for photoshop and having a stand alone version that's free means alot more steps in editing.

I downloaded the program today and thought I would try it on some Christmas Eve pics that I took. They were underexposed, the ISO was too high and the noise was horrific. I can`t even believe I kept them on the computer.... but I did because it was Christmas Eve and they are pics of my kids and that`s what matters!

Here is one example. I haven`t figured out the whole program yet, it`s a work in progress. But WOW - my jaw dropped when I saw what this program is capable of - just the free version! YAY for noiseware!!!!!


Noise reduced!!!! Whoop!




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