Wednesday, February 17, 2010

365 day 98 SNOW DAY!!!! | Calgary photographer

Wahooooooo I love snow!!!!
I also love waking up and realizing my kids FINALLY slept all night (first time in over a week prob over 2), coffee, preschool days (he's been off for a week), and my sister having my kids over days!!!!
So I dropped Jax and Ro off at school and drove straight down to Fish Creek.
What I do NOT love.... the snow was to heavy for the pictures I was envisioning. PLUS it was really melting. By the end my feet were SOAKED.
But it was gorgeous. The kind of day where it is warm enough to really enjoy a walk in the park in the fresh snow. I am a complete wreck in the parks by myself though.... too many movies where the woman walking alone has something terrible happen to her. OR my other biggest fear.... running into a wild animal on my own. I KNOW deer do not eat people. You don't have to tell me.... but I am still going to be scared of them I just am. And I KNOW black bears don't normally eat people. However... seriously I am not really prepared to have a run in with a bear. For that matter..... don't show me a skunk either hahahaha.

It was was a gorgeous day. GORGEOUS. and so nice to be out walking by myself. Although it prob would have been nicer if D were there. But I'll take what I can get :) The silence was just.... so peaceful.

I decided to take tammy out. After all - she is a macro. PLUS I wanted to use zoom. Still my 50 can kick her butt any day in the focus dept. Tammy is unreliable and slow. She really struggles for focus sometimes. But her bokeh is beautiful. I love it much more than Frank's. So I used manual focus for my close ups. HUGE PAIN... but worth the shots! Almost forgot you COULD manual focus until I started trying the poor man's macro lol. Plus I forgot my tamron is smoewhat a macro... heehee!

And look what I found................................................

NO..... CLOSER..... I am sure of it. There is spring in the air. OR on the trees :)

I spent A TON of time trying to catch water droplets falling. I settled for many many almosts lol. Still very pretty!

I'm sure once Ro sees this pic he will want to go down there post haste lol. He is one that appreciates all things outdoorsy.... and if it includes animals all the better!

I just love finding splashes of color in all the blahness. There is beauty everywhere.... you just have to look!

See? Soaked. brrrrrrrrr

I was almost the only one there lol. Check out the parking lot.

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  1. Wow! Nice for you to get out on your own! Looks like a gorgeous day!



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