Saturday, February 6, 2010

365 day 87 | Calgary children's photographer

Today I had an awesome photo shoot with a friends 6 month old. I shot their mat photos, and her newborn pics... and now her 6 month pics!! It is always a pleasure, and my friend always has the best suggestions! I love it when people have certain things they want to try!!!!
However.... as I am still backlogged on pics I couldn't get to her very fav ones.... but this one was just screaming *SNEAK PEEK*!!!!!!!!!
and.... Kade cried every second that her blanket was hung up lol. she does NOT share her blankies!!!

It was also my newphews 4th bday party. It was too cute watching him..... Love this kid!!!!

And then..... the fallout from the party. We had a long night of coughing and fevers. Which of course means NO SLEEP. So............ while they slept I was cleaning and making supper. Hmmmmm I'm calling no fair lol. As usual..... Rohan is not sleeping. You KNOW he is really very ill.. almost like emergency time when he sleeps in the day!


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