Saturday, February 21, 2009

Practice Practice Practice

Michelle - I loved your blog design so much I went to the same site..... hope you don't mind!

There is just so much I have to learn! I have spent the past week taking many photos with seamless paper. Learning new things every time I unroll it. I love the look of seamless in photos that are done right, so I'm sticking with it until I can do it!

It is so frustrating to just want to whip out the camera and take pics like I see them lol! So many variables, but every time I upload pics I learn a little bit more.

I have wanted to write the post for a few days, but didn't want to share my pics until I thought they were 'good'. But I have to just do it and see what people think and continue putting them up to see if I am improving. They are not always going to be good yet! In fact some of them I took made me seriously wonder if I can do this.

I did not follow what I set out to do last post. I am very focused on a few things right now. I will keep focusing on these things until I get it right. Even if it means editing the same pics over and over again!! (my kids are super sick of the camera)

Exposure...... learning to expose for the skin then balancing with the scene.
Skin tones..... getting it right

black and white conversions..... seem easy but are very complex, I want to learn the best ways to convert

setting up properly for the given light situation...... trickiest of them all!! Especially with white seamless. I had an awful time with that. Still learning how to edit them properly, the white came out more grey which drives me crazy!

and to STOP using actions lol! I want to learn to do it myself before relying on actions when I don't understand exactly what they're doing!! I love actions - but would prefer to see it done and be able to do it myself. Or to know when to use them!!!

So here are some practice pics..... poor Kade yes, she's naky but she's trying to dress herself which was super cute!

This was my first crack at it with the grey.

This is proving a point...... sharpening for web actions doesn't always work well.... case in point.....

And this if you can believe it is the white. I have edited it to make it white.... but can't get the hair quite right so those pics aren't up yet. I am still working on it!
These are some conversions focusing on skin on b&w

Here was another lesson..... I don't REALLY like higher ISO on the camera!!! A tad noisy and I don't want to pay for noiseware yet. I can get them pretty sharp with lower aps. Which I will do today for our practice shoot.

These were fun trying out my flash for fill.... another lesson - don't cut off people's arms lol!
This was my fav..... not following any exposure rules I'm learning but looks cool!

So there it is.... my latest and greatest. next week - more of the same . One day they're going to look good!

Sunday, February 8, 2009 head is spinning

So I now have a goal. Woohoo!!! I think....... lol :)

Here's my goal. I want to open a small business set up for..... wait for it..... mid summer.
It will be only for babies, children, family and engagement pictures. Hopefully I will be able to broaden my portfolio as I learn and gain experience. It will be mostly on location pictures... at peoples' home and their fav places.
Phew. nice to have that out there :) Now I know what I'm working for.

Now..... on to the good stuff. I have been focusing this week on outdoor shots. Really working on using the natural light, figuring out how to use it and work with it. I have also been trying to work on my composition. Using the 'rules' of photography lol. I think they have come a long way and it is helping me learn more about my camera and the lenses I have.

I have also been working on black and white conversions. Different techniques and effects. So far I haven't found a complete favorite..... but it's a work in progress.
As you can see - I have been all over the place and working on too many things lol. I am in need of some FOCUS.
I also have some new equipment!!!! I now have some reflectors and a new flash. I haven't go the hang of either of them yet lol!!! I keep trying to practise, but the kids don't want any more pics. I have to resort to heavy bribery now. So last night I was practising with some roses on a table. May not be the best, but I'm working on it! I am going to try to wait patiently for some other purchases.... a new backdrop stand, a strob box, umbrella and stand. I can NOT wait to get those out and going.

Some other developments..... I may be doing some wedding pics this summer for a friend of a friend. This makes me incredible nervous, but also focused to be the best I can by then. I am determined to pull it off in a big way! I am also gearing up to take my sister's engagment pics. So happy for her and happy to do this!!!!

So on to the next week...... my focus is on learning the flash and the reflectors. I am slo trying to find the magical element in portraits (magical for me anyways) getting that light soft creamy skin. That is my mission!!!!!

Here are some black and whites, indoor and outdoor shots. Which for some of you is a repeat of my FB photo album....... but for some of you are NEW!!!! Enjoy!

These were some random shots out in the country.... out with the kids and Yvonne my MIL. Good times! The wagon is edited for the 'vintage' feel. The other two for their beauty :)

These were taken outside with the kids tobaggining around our block. The first is a 'chocolate' b&w conversion. The second is my attempt at skin smoothing.
These were taken out at Spruce Meadows Today. It was a beautiful day. Too bad Rohan was too cranky lol. There were Rolex clocks EVERYWHERE!!

I LOVE this picture. He is our 100% boy. He's either 100% happy or 100% unhappy. There is no middle ground with him :) And this shot gave me a good opportunity to try out eye sharpening and pop. Love it!




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