Saturday, February 27, 2010

365 day 107 | Calgary children's photographer

My son spends too much time with Kade and I. Poor kid. He has really wanted a purse. I told him we will get him a cool bag... like one for boys. But kept putting off actually shopping for it. I am a little afraid of what he will actually pick out lol.

BUT.... they found my stash of play purses I had been keeping. I let Tay play with them when she was little, and was keeping them for Kade. so they took them out and started playing. Of course Rohan had 3 or 4 and let Kade have 1... that boy is crazy.

Also... purses apparently make boys want to model for the camera!!! *insert smiley face rolling on the floor laughing here* This kid just cracks me up.

They played the best today that they have since Kade was a baby. They were walking around with their purses pulling out their cellphones calling each other... it was AWESEOME!!! They played all day and I actually got some cleaning done! Wahooooo!!! Now I hope he gets over this purse thing and a coold boy bag has DEFINITELY moved to the top of the list of things to get, but I was so happy they played so nicely today I honestly just DON'T CARE.

Plus... it makes wicked blackmail pics when he's older!!!

Here is my little train wreck girl. She is just a disaster!

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