Tuesday, February 16, 2010

365 day 97 all for nothing | Calgary photographer

 My kids seemed much better today. Not so much coughing, not as whiney and that was awesome!
So what to do? Dress them up and get set up to take some nice pics! So I got them ready, set it up and started snapping. Then I noticed I hadn't emptied the memory card. Oh well... I thought... I will just upload only the pics I am taking and delete it then. I only had about 20 pics left - so I used them up. Then I took the battery out and put it on the charger.
So I take Kade to Safeway when Dion got home. Get back home and she is being SO funny! She's laying across Ro's scooter yelling Mommy help me help me I fell off the scooter!! Come and get me mommy! So what do I do? Grab the charged battery, put it in the camera, then I see card full and a pic I took a few days ago so I hit delete all. Then do a FOREHEAD SMACK. Just deleted all the pics I took today!!!!! And for real.... Kade had her hair all done, and was clean!!!!

That is just how tired I am these days. Grrrrrr. Hoping for a retake tomorrow!!!

So Rohan is really into cell phones. Like addicted. He has an old one he plays with. Pretends to call people, changes the ring tones, leaves himself messages.. all that fun stuff. After the whole oops I erased all the photos incident... he brought me his phone. Dion said I HAD to listen to this recording. Said Rohan told him it was his favorite song.
Seriously.... cutest thing ever!!! He had recorded himself singing a song. Three words. I love you mommy. in different tunes and notes..... It was A.dorable. I asked when he recorded it and he said a long time ago.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. LOVE.

So this is him and his beloved phone. I wanted to remember this moment. ALWAYS.
The pic has been blown in every way.... I blew out his face, the lighting is harsh, I only had one eye in focus. BUT - I don't care. He is listening to the song he sang to me and happy :)

AND if you were wondering... when this was taken he was NOT coughing. Although he is now.


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