Friday, November 26, 2010

I am such a lucky Aunty!!!

Because I have ADORABLE nephews!!!

I had 2 of 3 over today after school and Ry was happy.... so I quickly (and I MEAN quickly. Do you know how hoard it is to set things up while watching 3 other kids and PRAYING your daughter doesn't smother the baby in the meantime is?) set up and snapped a few. Which was HARD. All the other kids were competing for his attention. We all just love him SO MUCH.

I was scared to look through the pics... my setup was ghetto, and he rarely looked AT me. Plus the other kids kept getting between me and Ry. But ooooh I love these!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The post with no good title

I have written this post like 3X.
Each time coming up with a different message. Each time not really hitting it. I'm tired... cut me some slack!!!

I have been up since 2:30am. Ro got the stomache virus. So now I've had it, Kade's had it and he DEFINITELY had it.

I wanted to be witty. Funny. Sappy. All these things. Because as it is now 10:30pm and I am still up.. emotions are at a premium people!

My kids were troopers today. Both of them up at 2:30am. One of them putting on quite the show. When it comes being sick - Ro takes the oscar in this household! He was fine one minute, crying the next, sick the next, back to fine.... it was quite a ride. The kids watched movies on the couch. I was scared to sit down. I went to bed around 11 so I hadn't gotten much sleep. And I didn't want to fall asleep. Cause it just SUCKS to be woken up 5 min later :)

Ro didn't want any cuddling. So I took to cleaning to stay busy. I cleaned ALL DAY. I have 3 disinfected bathrooms, my floors have all been handwashed, toys are disinfected (as are toothbrushes and brushes, doorhandles and light switches). I did over 7 loads of laundry. I was a machine! And in between all that I looked after the sikko and tried to occupy Kade's mind and energy. I also had to go over the fact that Ro was NOT going to school way more than once. He really does not want to miss school. At all. Ever. FINALLY Kade zonked around 7:30. She slept for 2 hours. Ro zonked the MINUTE Kade woke up. And there went my hopes of a nap ;) He woke up an hour later... still sick. Didn't take long to figure that out!

In the later afternoon though he just perked right up. And spent a huge chunk of time coloring and playing. He was so sweet... it is so weird that this day... this LONG drawn out day turned out completely awesome. Besides the sick part ;) We got some good playtime in and had a lot of fun today.

And I got a ton accomplished. I was so scared to sit all day I just kept moving. Might do it tomorrow again. Just for fun. Apparently I should go to bed early and get up at 2am. WHO KNEW I could get so much done???

See... still ends up not witty. I was felling so witty today. and heartfelt. I think.... exhaustion may be creeping in. But I really wanted to put up the pics. Because.... well because... I love them. I may be a tad over emotional though. I just cried watching a video I took today of Kade dancing around in my heels. (I know... I said no more and then she went on the hunt for them!) She was saying... OH... these shoes are KILLING me!!! So flippin funny.

FINALLY... getting a little sleep. Poor kid. It is the hardest things to watch your kids when they are sick.

From that to this... kids are so resilient. He took a lot of comfort in coloring today. And telling me I am 31 and his teacher is only 20. NICE one Ro. He can write so well now, and his drawings are changing...

It's funny... the amount of concentration he puts into writing!

Little ray of sunshine....

One of my fav pics. I love that he was laughing SO hard. It makes me smile.

Feeling much better!
Just because.... these braids were SO CUTE!!

And yes we were in jammies ALL DAY. What better excuse than we were not going anywhere. Everyone showered/bathed and put on a clean pair. Bedtime.... was a snap. I think they were both asleep before I got downstairs ;) So... it was a great ending to such a crazy long day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it could ALWAYS be worse....

I could have 4 kids 5 and under!!!!

Let's recap the day.

Wake up. The day starts off great. Feed the kids breakfast. Listen to some tunes and dance around the kitchen with 2 of my little besties. Shower, give the kids a bath. Have a nice relaxing cup of coffee. I know... you are all jealous right?

Then. Oh then. Pull out the parka. the mitts. the scarf. the boots. the shovel. the scraper. and enjoy the frozen north. By that I mean shovel all the snow. I also had to search out my car. And shovel the street. We seem to have a TRAILER that is NOT going to be used ALL WINTER taking up my parking space. So I have to shovel the street... just so my kids can get in the car without getting a boot full of snow. About an hr goes by and my kids come out. Dressed in their full on winter gear ready to play. Kade lasts about 5 minutes. And heads back indoors. She has NEVER liked the snow ever. Rohan lasted the whole time I shoveled and stayed out while I got his lunch packed and called my sister to see when she would be arriving. And yes.. he was a popsicle by the time he got to school. I am sure he was a little wet in school today. But he doesn't care. That boy loves the outdoors in any weather!

Because.... I watched 2 of her crew today. Which means she drove my car and I got the van. Good thing, RIGHT? Or not. Because 4 kids under 5 means 4 buckles. 4 FREAKIN BUCKLES!!!!

So anyways... she arrives. We switch the car seats and I take the older boys to school. (after pinching Kade while trying to buckle her in to the car seat. Which resulted in a COMPLETE breakdown and a flood of tears. Car seats and winter apparel. What fun.) Which means me crawling into the back of the van to unbuckle 2 the 2 at the back. put hats back on. putt mitts back on. Awesome. So somehow I get the kids there in one piece. With the help of another mom. You see.. these kids are opposites. Mine take off running as fast as their little legs can go and Jenny's stop to check everything out. You add to that the waddle of the snowsuits, sidewalks that are not shoveled and cars everywhere and you get one frazzled mom!!!

So then I take Kade and Keag back to the van. Rebuckle. Go to Blockbuster. Unbuckle. put hats back on. put mitts back on. Go in to the store. Grab movies and head out. Rebuckle the kids. Drive home. Unbuckle the kids. put hats back on. put mitts back on. Head inside. Grab snacks. The kids play and I do a bit of cleaning.

Then it's time to pick the boys up. Seriously... kindergarten is a freakin PITA!!! Dress the kids up. Go to the van. Buckle them up. Get to the school. Help the boys get dressed. Go through the same ordeal with running/waddling children. Back at the van. Buckle everyone in. Drive home. Unbuckle everyone. Get everyone inside and settled. Head outside to shovel again.

And then it continues... there is still supper, cleanup, laundry.... and now it is 11pm and I just want to be in bed and my comforter is STILL IN THE DRYER!!!!!

So as much chaos as my life is AS IT IS..... I am always reminded. It could be worse. I am EXHAUSTED. I don't normally complain about snow - I mean why bother. It is still going to snow. Plus I really love it.

But snow+children all who are to young to dress themselves totally and buckle themselves....that have to get to kindergarten..... I AM NOT DIGGING IT. But I wouldn't have the day any other way. I love love all the kids together and they had so much fun playing today. TOTALLY worth the effort. I just now *get* how hard life is with kids. And snow. tricky tricky!

I had planned on getting to a park today to take pics. But it was actually quite chilly out. And my daughter... well she doesn't really love winter. And honestly... just too much freakin WORK! So I went to the backyard!!!

Suddenly.... two kids that can get into the car themselves and generally buckle themselves and get out themselves is looking like a cake walk!

Monday, November 15, 2010

well.... this is rare.

I have been enjoying some time off. While it is not really off... I have been taking some time off sessions. There are going to be some pretty major (and FUN) changes coming.... I will be working hard to get things going again in the new year!

In taking time off.... I have not really picked up my camera. Today I did. And my kids smiled. And had fun! I wanted to take some pics of a headband I have been working on. I ordered patterns months ago and never had the time to figure them out. Slowly I am getting through the patterns and discovering I have to order many more supplies of etsy. Our stores here don't have exactly what I need of much at ALL. What is UP with that here anyways??? EVERYTHING I want I end up having to order. But I made do with what I had... and for my first attempt at a more difficult one..... I LOVE it. And Kade thinks she is BEAUTIFUL in it :)

So I got to work grabbing some pics and Rohan butted right in asking if I wanted some of him.

WOW. I guess if I stop shoving it in their faces.... I will get much better pics!!!

Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of these headbands... I am on a mission!

Melt my heart.

I don't know what is is with looking away pics... but they fascinate me.

Seriously.... has potential right?? I love the textures and unique looks - no 2 will ever be the same!

This made me think he was kidding.... and going to get me all mad he got my hopes up!

But then.... the moment hit.

I am just the luckiest mom.... look at this face!!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Divine | Calgary maternity photographer

Absolutely divine.
Fab fall weather... check
awesome couple.... check
baby bump..... check

What a perfect shoot. I am just in love with this session and all its possibilities. In fact.... I want to post them all. VERY HARD decisions to make for this post. We hit so many awesome places and the lighting was just sweet.... the process of culling and choosing for a blog post seems IMPOSSIBLE.

But here are some of my favs..... and they are NOT in any order... as you may be able to tell ;)

I can not wait to meet this little baby.....

This may be one of my fav mat shots I have ever taken.

This is my fav alley I have ever found. Such possibilities with the lighting!

Their shoot was on October 30th :)

Isn't she just too beautiful? Love this!

Loved this shirt!!!




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