Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby, it's cold out there!!!!

Lately I have been having a hard time.... everything just seems sad right now.
My sister and her family (with whom we are EXTREMELY close with) moved to PEI. It's such a great thing for them and while I am totally happy for them, I am completely sad for us.

I haven't wanted to see my camera. Never mind pick it up and use it. I was taking too many 'this will be the last time we _ or the last time they _' pictures. I can't even open them to edit right now. Which is why my 365 is behind. I have taken the pictures, just can not bear to deal with them right now. My sister said her move felt like a divorce. Which it really does. We are so used to talking all the time, exchanging kids, and hanging out together I am a little like a lost puppy right now. As do my kids.

BUT..... life does go on. And fun can happen (even though I was sure it couldn't).

It snowed. A LOT this weekend. And we took the kids outside to play. For hours. I did not think they would last that long, but they did. Ro was of course the last one standing. As I was approaching frostbite I made him call it a day. Super fun... so glad we spent a couple hours not thinking about everything else going on... it has been a rough stretch.

Might as well get them used to working hard now... I don't want to be shovelling forever ;)

Hey... we told you there are NO coffee breaks in shovelling!

Daddy made Rohan a nice little tunnel/cave. It was a cave first, then when Ro's shovel came through the other side it was a tunnel they played in. Eventually Rohan also built a huge sunroof in it ;)


Good thing Daddy is a good sport ;) That Ro really gets into his 'work'!

The amount of ice and snow buildup on this kids hat is HILARIOUS! He didn't care at all!


And they are spent.

And then..... hot chocolate time. And time for a discovery. For anyone with kids that drink soy milk only... Kade for once LOVED hers. Hot chocolate powder with soy milk is a BIG HIT!

So so pretty out. Too bad Santa didn't deliver me a macro!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's a ZOO out there! | Calgary children's photographer

I am sooo finding out the cost of doing a session at the zoo if there is one. The number of different backdrops there is amazing, and the fact that the kids are out and having a blast just makes it that much easier!!

My friend and I wrangled our animals and met up for a whole afternoon of zoo fun. It was super... and totally what I needed right now. Our family is going through some changes which I am not ready to actually deal with yet and as usual T picked me right out of the crying mess that I am right now. And everyone had fun. It was warm enough to hit the playground and walk around (yes D chinooks are nice once I am done with the chinook migraines) with all the good stuff indoors too.

I especially had fun... I mean I had 3 kids willing to look at my camera!!! We were just messing around, but I assure you the possibilities there are completely endless.....

Went to see the butterflies (which weren't there) and it was SO HOT in there!!! We were pretending to be vacationing in Cabos.......

Hello. My name is trouble. What's yours?

Gorgeous. She sure is growing up!!

Someone's looking for a boy.... in a red coat......

The only pics my kids would let me take of them. Sheesh.

My friend's daughter asked me to take pics of the hippo. So I could 'put it on my website so it would be famous.' LOL There you go hippo!

Most fav pic of the day. For reals.

Monday, January 17, 2011

this is it!!! The last contest for a free session!

Be the first to comment here to snag the last free session! Be sure to put in those proper sentences!

Thanks to everyone for playing!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A smashing good time!! | Calgary baby photographer

Oh my how I love 1 year olds!! And cake. Put the two together and it is a session in HEAVEN! Mix that up with someone whom I have taken photos from since before he was born... and it was just pure sweetness.
Love this cute little baby boy :)

While there are still tons of pics to go through the smash ones were just too sweet to pass up! Thanks so much C for bringing him over and saying yes to the smash!!! He is over the top cute and as always it was an extremely fun sessions with you!


This one cracks me up. Every time I look at it!

The problem when mommy is an extraordinary baker is.... betty crocker just doesn't cut it ;)

Everyone together now. Awwwwwwww.

What a good sport. Gushing cuteness.

Reality Rocks session 3 contest!!!!

Here it is!!! Be the first to post the magic sentences here and you will win a free session with me!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reality Rocks session two

Here it is post away!!!

Make sure to include the sentences 

*The photos taken during my session can be put on your blog, website, and facebook.* *I want a lifestlye session. I am not looking for the perfectly posed shots, I want shots of my family living life. Having fun.*

Ready set go!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

1st Reality Rocks contest post

This is it! This is the post!!!

Be the first to comment on this post and you will win the FREE SESSION (photos not included)!!!!!

You must include these sentences
*The photos taken during my session can be put on your blog, website, and facebook.* *I want a lifestlye session. I am not looking for the perfectly posed shots, I want shots of my family living life. Having fun.*


Sunday, January 9, 2011

realizing my love of lifestlye

The quirky smiles. Goofy grins. Messy faces.
Kids covered in paint. In glue. In dirt.

Running through sprinklers. Trying to tie a shoelace. Eating cereal for the first time.
A baby's smile. Sitting up for the first time.

Mushy hugs. Messy kisses. Crazy hair. Crazy outfits.
Baking. Drawing. Playing. Singing.

Laughing. Dancing. Playing in the snow.
Painted nails. Hair done up. Dressup clothes. High heels.

Baths. Trying to dress themselves. Stealing cookies from the cookie jar.
staring out windows. Hitting the park.

My favorite pictures. The pictures that upon backing up my blog yesterday were the ones pulling at my heart strings. The ones I had to keep yelling to everyone 'Hey come look at this one!' until they just ignored me :)
THESE are why I started to get serious with photography. THIS is why I continue to do it.

The moments. Never wanting to miss one I started learning a camera. Wanting to capture a moment the best way possible I continue my journey. REALIZING that I want to give everyone pictures like these.

The other day I took pictures of my nephew. He's eating food now!!! And holding on to toys... smiling and I swear saying hi to me.... I took them as he was. In his a bumbo, his playmat, Kade's arms, his mommy's arms. And fell back in love with why I started this. Because I wish I had been doing this when my kids were this small... I have pictures but they are not like the pictures I take today!

besties. Well she loves him. And right now... he puts up with her ;)

I think this was his second or third day eating. He's a pro!

I begged Auntie Mel to feed him so I could take pictures ;)

LOVE this!

This is probably her most favorite thing in the world to do.

It is a big deal when they can start holding toys on their own!!! The concentration on his face... love it!

He looks SO MUCH like Ro did as a baby in this pics it is unreal!

Lunch time :)

Chillin with mom. Super sweet.

So.... as part of my realization that I still truly love lifestyle photography.... there are going to be some pretty fun session give aways on my fb fan page. If you are not a liker already... I suggest you go and like! If you know anyone that is into lifestyle photography... please send them to my page! This is going to be super awesome and I can not wait to get started!




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