Saturday, February 27, 2010

365 day 106 | Calgary photographer

Why can't kids just be kids? They do NOT know how good they have it!!! Here Rohan is surrounded by toys... fun things.. trips to the parks.... and all he wants to know about is growing up and having babies!!!

So the other day I took them to Safeway later at night (for us they go to bed early) and this was the conversation:

We are in the car at a red light.
previously.... Kade had been bugging me for something that I was saying no to.
Rohan - Kadence, daddy and mommy are the bosses you know.
Me - Don't you forget it Ro!
Rohan - When I grow up I am going to be the boss.
Me - yep when you are 18 you get to be the boss of you!
Rohan - no I mean of my baby!
Me - oh what baby?
Rohan - Well when Kade grows up she will have a baby, and I will be the boss of it.
Me - No, Kade will. That will be her baby.
Rohan - No mom. I will be the boss of Kade's baby.
Me - You won't you will meet a girl and fall in love and she will have your baby.Daddy and I are not brother and sister... you will just meet someone not in your family.
Rohan - Why would I want to do that?
Me - Well you will fall in love and get married and have kids.......
Rohan - and she will have my baby and I can be the boss?
Me - sure. (laughing so hard on the inside. We all know they aren't the boss!!)

End of story. So I thought. About and hr later tucking him in to bed.
Rohan - WHO is going to be my wife ANYWAYS mom???
Me - you'll know when you meet her. (DYING on the inside!!!!)

Seriously Rohan..... you are going to have your life planned out by the time you are 6. Go carefree and play with your toys!!!!! Like lego or something ;)

I am SO NOT PREPARED for these random talks!!!!!

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  1. Awwww, I love those special moments! He is so grown up!



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