Wednesday, July 29, 2009

cutie pie 4 year old.....

This is my friend J's little girl. Miss M!!!! She is just beautiful, her eyes are amazing!!!!
She was totally into her modelling session and we all had a BLAST!!!! We even managed to break into a canola field..... one of my dream shoots. I loved every minute of this session and am so excited to go back!!!!

They had this awesome tea set for pictures.... right in their backyard - which is the biggest backyard in a city (or is it a town) I have ever seen!!!!

This one is edited for a more vintage feel.....

Our break in at the canola field!

These were just some fun shots with the parasols.... she really loved them!

Monday, July 20, 2009

beautiful baby bump part 2

Well I have wrapped up from the session!!! There were so many great pictures, I just had to stop myself. It was really a very fun session, and we had a great time!

Seriously.... too much fun!

I'm still mastering the flash..... as you may notice :)

Could there be a happier pregnant woman on the planet!!!

She was tired right out after all this!!! So cute!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

beautiful baby bump alert!!!!! (part 1)

This is one my friends 'K' and her gorgeous family. Seriously.... there are so many awesome shots that I just had to share some...... I can't stand the wait!!!! Every time I edit one I just think man wish I looked this good pregnancy LOL.

We had soooo much fun! We got some really cool angles and shots, and a few that just make me laugh. Because it's my good friend in the shots, I'm also getting to play around with fun textures, and overlays and using different effects. I am really excited to share these! So enjoy!!!! There will be more!!

In an effort to NOT drive people mad seeing the same pics here and on fb - most pics will be on the blog - but a few selected will go on my pg pages.

Monday, July 13, 2009

announcing..... my new fb page and the contest!

This is in celebration of my next business step - setting up my fb fan page!!!! I am offering a referral contest.
So let me break it down...... I will be booking 10 sessions from now until the end of August. To participate you must refer me to everyone you know!!! If any of your referrals book with me, each and every time your name will be put in a draw.
After 10 sessions are booked we will draw names. The winner will get a free session for the family in the park with me!!!!
Session prices are : $100 for a 2 hr session. You will receive 10 images in full resolution on CD, plus my conversions to black and white. Web size files with my watermark will also be provided. Also included is one special edit photo of your choice... whether you want texture added, a selective color or something else!!!
The winner of the contest gets all the above stuff FREE!!!!
Call 403-873-1036 to book or ask for details!
travelling charges apply for out of town - call for more info.
So start telling your friends!!! This is the last time I will be offering so many images on cd before a print order min is in place!!! So get in on it now - only 10 sessions will be booked!!!!
Happy referring!

So please.... become a fan!!! An start referring!

Here is my fb fan page link"> OK so I do NOT know how to post a link right here.... one more thing to figure out!

Here are a couple pics too - with my fav actions on them! textures and hazy..... perfection!!!

These are from yest mat session with beautiful friend K - this picture is stunning.... I just love it! It's going to be edited multiple ways, cause I can't stop!

And this is my son with Poppa in Victoria. It has captured the moment perfectly - they were both having a blast!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

TONS of stuff going on.... with a little something for you!

Let's get right to it -------- I'm going to be offering a contest! And it is going to have a prize :)
I am currently working creating a facebook fan page. It is something I have struggled with, because I still am undecided on the name of my business. And as I will be changing my name *hopefully SOON* I wasn't sure if I wanted to start out with mine.
But the time has come, I'm ready for some bookings - so I'm sticking with my name for now.

So last night I worked all night on developing a logo. It's not the fanciest or the prettiest - but it's my first and I'm pretty happy about it :)
Soon I will have some pics up with my new logo on my facebook page. ( I will also be showcasing it here for the very FIRST time in this post).

To celebrate the opening of my latest business step I am going to put together a contest. The rules will be posted on the FB page, I will also put them here. So get ready!!!!!!

So to get my logo made, I learned alot more about photoshop. And thankfully, it's stuff that is going to help me get faster. (I am soooo far behind in my family pics). I have learned how to make my own actions and how to make a watermark. Super fun stuff!!!

So I should be caught up in no time!!!!! (I'm not sure if Dion is happier over this or me lol)

So here it is...... the unveiling of my logo. This shot was in Victoria..... I was hanging out the edge of the water taxi on our way back to Poppa's house. GORGY!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

oh yes there is more pink!

This is 2 out of 4 WOOHOO!!!!! This is another bff of Kade's.
She is the ultimate shoe-a-holic. One can not help but fall in love for her passion for shoes (and boots) - just ask Kade it is rubbing off!!!
She totally fell for the lollipops - I'm sure you can tell as we got no pics of her without one!!!!
Here is the ever adorable fashonista little miss A.

Sidenote - yes for now I am in love with *haze* photos and textures. for the moment LOL! They totally rock with these pics!Glad to have friends willing to let me experiment!

Seriously.... could it get any cuter!!!!

This is my fav one of Miss A. I just love how it turned out. Gorgy gorgy. I better see this up in you new house mom!!!!LOL - No pressure. Ok maybe a little ;)

Monday, July 6, 2009

get ready for some pink!!!!

Well we had a very fun mini shoot day at my house! My baby is going to be two - and so are most of her friends!! I have met alot of friends through a pregnancy playgroup so we got some of the girls together to get their pictures done!
It's a pretty big task - getting 4 girls (and one big brother at times) together, getting them in the right spots, smiling at the right times! But we sure had fun trying :)

This young cutie is Miss L, she is one of my bff's little girls and impossibly difficult to photograph!!! She definitely is giving me some experience getting an active, fun, energetic toddler to look at me and sit still happily. I just love her to bits, and she is totally adorable.

I am trying out alot of new looks, still defining my pp style and really having fun seeing the effects, and trying to master them!
So this is a pic with the original edit.....

And this pic is supposed to look a little *hazy* with one of my fav textures.

Seriously who can resist the cuteness of this?????

This one has my reg edit with one of my all time fav texters. BTW - this was my fave Pic of Little L!!! Love it!

And this is usually what happens when I try *torturing* this little cutie with my camera! I am so mean!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A bridal shower..... here's the sneak!

I had a wonderful time at a bridal shower - doing my thing and snappin away.
She is Dion's cousin and we are so happy for her and her future husband.
I have finally finished the pics :) So here is a sneak!!!!




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