Thursday, February 25, 2010

365 day 105 | Calgary children's photographer

What a gorgeous day. In Rohan's words ' I'm so glad spring has decided to come back'. LOL. I hope there's no major snowstorms in our near future!!!! We are all so excited for summer here.
It is just so messy right now to go to the parks... but it is soooo nice you want to do something!
Today I decided to take them out to Fish Creek. And just let them get muddy/wet/all around dirty. Because they NEEDED it.

And they did indeed get all these things. But had a BLAST doing it. Very worth it. Sometimes we get so busy, at least I do, that I forget to just spend that time messin around with them. So we played an incredibly lopsided game of Simon Says, climbed up on the rocks under the bridge (Ro will now be known as bird poop boy lol) and just played. I let them splash in puddles and walk in mud. WHY NOT.


It was gorgeous.... just beautiful out :)

Jumping in mud puddles.... I remember doing this!

THE RING!!! It's back on! And what would be a feature pic of Kade's hands WITHOUT mud on them!!!

He REALLY wanted a slurpee.......

joke of the day......

Rohan - Kade as soon as you grow up you wll have a baby in your belly. 

Kade - that will be fun! 

Rohan - I don't think so.... that baby will KICK your belly!



  1. Awesome pics Kathy! Like you I cannot wait for Spring!!

  2. The pics and processing are great! I love the interaction between them and the convo at the bottom was super cute!



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