Thursday, September 30, 2010

365 day 288 my baby and her bruise

I got a super awesome delivery today for some newborn props.... and while Kade was busy playing with the props and her baby I was busy taking some pictures of her!

I have seen some photos where I love the lighting... but haven't yet been able to pull it off. I tried again yesterday and did not like my results much. Normally I shoot with flat lighting or just slightly turned - but seeing different lighting positions has me really wanting to try it out.

I ended up with some really red skin. Not sure what to do with that. This is why I try everything out on my kids before clients! Need to perfect it! So I will go back and read up some more - I really want to get it right because it is SO PRETTY. I edited these to look a bit more like my normal edits instead of what I was really going for. I just couldn't figure it out! Or.... the other option is that maybe I am not used to seeing how it looks on my own photos. I could have done ok - it could be all in my head ;)

Check out Kade's bruise... this is almost a week later. She fell on her window sill. Looks like a football player!

Heehee I love this face!

Isn't this just awesome? Everyone needs a pic of their kid doing this at least once. Fills us with so much pride ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

365 day 287 a glimpse into my housekeeping skills

This may or may not be saying something about my housekeeping skills. This is what I found when I finally got around to cleaning behind the couches. Even the dragonflies want out of this mess!!

Don't judge. I am a busy momma!

The situation has now been taken care of! Thanks for taking Kade for a few hours Jenny!

365 day 286

I am going to be catching this 365 up FOREVER!!!! Maybe I need to face it - I just keep falling further behind! A major problem I have been struggling with is my computer. It is SO SLOW. A few days ago I couldn't even get it to open a program. So I have been painfully defragging, running virus scans, and cleaning it up. When I threatened my computer with it's life over the internet via ipad it must have been listening because it finally opened. Too scared to turn it off I have been in the process of backing everything up (so my new dvd burner is getting a workout) just in case it does not turn on. EVER AGAIN.
The cd player randomly whirring and opening up is also a good way to freak a girl out late at night.

While going through this I have had sessions, am still designing my new website,  I have a little boy turning 5 and my man is turning 40 (both birthdays  in one week), kindergarten, playdates, and the sun is SHINING finally. So who wants to be at home?

So I will catch up. I still am taking the pics.... but I need to pull myself together. Life is so wonderfully complicated right now :)

The wonderful chip lines are courtesy of DADDY... who else gives chips right before supper ;)

These 2 play so well together. And are just fun to be around. They crack me up constantly... I love when they get the chance to hang out together!

I find it hilarious to watch kids take marker lids on and off. Oh the concentration and frustration... and the joy when the lid id finally OFF!

Park date after supper. This never happens for my kids. And so of course it ended badly lol. TOO late!

After our park date it was pitch dark outside getting the kids ready for bed. Which almost never happens lol. I took the chance to use the highest ISO setting on my camera and take some pics with them being lit up by the ipad. Watching a documentary on Netflix. Dion's newest addiction!
Now having netflix has completely confused us. We signed up on the ipad and can NOT figure out who to contact to get the disc so we can use it on our Wii. We also don't know if we can stream it from the ipad directly to the tv for now (besides doing a jail break. Why DOES Apple make the ipads/pods so frustrating!). Also.... do Canadians really get anything worthwhile other than documentaries??? Seem Americans get some pretty awesome shows and movies we can't find. Would LOVe to get the discs like they do!!!! If you are in the know.... let me know :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

family sneak peek at gorgy confederation Park

I love this family. They are so fun! Up for whatever..... and this mom is absolutely amazing.
It is always a good time getting together. Although this timme it was a great motivator for me to remember to get my runners back out of hiding. Because her baby is not even a year and she looks so fantastic!

How cute are these kids???? They are totally adorable! And so much fun :)

I have photographed him with this bear a few times. It is starting to look small!

I told them to kiss someone beside them. Dad totally got shafted!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

newborn sweetness

I had posted a few sneaks of this session a while ago and now it is DONE :) This little girl is just too pretty and her mom was so into getting some uber cute shots - it was really a pleasure hanging out and taking some gorgeous pics! Enjoy!!!

I LOVE this purple blanket!!!! So soft and sweet :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

365 day 285 my little fashionista

Calgary. Beware. Kade is breaking in to fashion. Setting the trends.

And the trend for 2010 is

color -PINK. When you think it may be too much, add more to your ensemble.
accessories - shades. Always. Even though the sun never shines. She can not go ANYWHERE without the shades. won't even let me start driving the car without breaking into hysterics that she's not ready if they are not on.
also on the accessories list - cabbage patch doll and baby carrier. There is nothing cuter. Trust me.

Go to school like this to pick up your brother and you will put smiles on everyone's faces :)

My view looking down. I love this view :)

So happy after school. He loves his teacher. And his class. Kudos to all teachers out there - I can NOT imagine what you all go through in one day. Never mind a week. And to be so fabulous to have students really really like going to school and learn? AWESOME.

365 day 281,282,283, and 284Welcome to Forks

 Calgary is the new Forks. at least I hope so. Because I really need SOMETHING to look forward to if this is going to be our weather from now on.

You take away my sun? I at least want the excitements of vampires in town. Give us something to talk about. Something that makes this depressing drizzle worth it all.

Ever morning I wake up to drip.......drip...........drip.drip.drip......drip and just want to crawl back under my covers and sleep it away. But I can't. Because I have kids to look after.
Then I go to imagining a nice warm fire and a delicious vat of coffee ready with a good book in hand. But I can't for a few reasons. The first being our house may burn down if the chimney doesn't get cleaned first. And although we spent 1/2 hr in the chimney cleaning section of Canadian Tire we walked out with nothing as Dion thought he might be able to borrow from his friend. And then it has been forgotten ever since. So there our chimney sits..... begging for a cleaning.... and me begging to use it. Another reason would be where the heck do you get firewood at a decent price? Without buying a cord - really where am I going to put that much wood? I can't even park A CAR in the garage... never mind storing all that wood somewhere around here. The other problem is..... sitting and reading a book while drinking coffee in front of a fire SOUNDS ideal..... but realistically my kids would NEVER let me be that relaxed!!!!

THEN IT HITS ME. This could be snow. Noooooooooooo. Please no. So then I jump out of bed and race to the window. Once it has been snow. The rest - still rain.

Every morning it is the same. And the blahs set in again. And my headache starts all over. This has been life for the last how many weeks????

I can't even get motivated. Part of me doesn't want to. I just want the sun. Please please let the sun come back to Calgary.

I love this picture. About 5 min later we were running for cover. Lightning, thunder and hail. Typical. But what an awesome picture!!!  This was taken the same day as 280 so I didn't count it :)

SERIOUSLY???? A slug. On our front steps. I have NEVER EVER seen one before. day 281

Our worms are turning into snakes. *giggle*  day 282

AND.... we have a nice healthy mushroom patch growing in our FRONT YARD. Which is a sloped front yard. That is now so soaked your foot sinks into it when you walk. It's awesome. Cause the bottom of your pants are soaked by the time you get into the house. day 283

AND THEN.... on really lucky days..... it SNOWS. awesome. day 284

Mother nature hates Calgary. And now off to buy some Vitamin D. I need to find happy.

sneak peek of a beautiful newborn

This sneak peek isn't so sneaky anymore! It has been a long wait for a sneak for the parents of this gorgeous baby girl!!!! I had so much fun photographing this little beauty. She was a fighter, but in the end her mom and I won the battle and she finally fell into a sleep for some adorable pictures!!!

There is no better sneaky sneaks than pictures with a pretty hat that was a gift for miss L. It fit her perfectly and she looks so sweet in it!

LOVE LOVE this picture!! I can NOT wait until mom sees this one :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some more sneaks of a rockin family session

You may remember a few sneaks of this hawt family but I HAD to share more :)
This location happens to be one of my favorites. And the family is too ;) There was just too many awesome pics NOT to share more! Thanks for the times.... it is always fun! I can't wait until you get to see them all!

How cute are these kids?????

I LOVE this one!

taking some steps already!!!

Thank goodness there was a lady there ready to make lil man C smile... who knew umbrellas could be so handy?

I was waiting to get this wagon shot FOREVER.... and it looked promising until......

it was over. there went my great idea!!! This one was 30 seconds after being put in the wagon!!! He was DONE with it!

see? kids do love me lol.

I am crazy over these freckles.... so cute!

Super fun family!!!

Noone was forced to try to get a jumping shot....... noone ;)

I shared this one before in color. Can't resist the black and white!!!


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