Friday, February 12, 2010

365 day 93 | Calgary children's photographer

My kids are finally on the mend :) I am sure to follow......
I wanted to grab some quick pics of Kade and Ro... they were actually playing nicely together at parts today. And believe me.... after the few days I've had it was a nice change! Rohan was even reading a book to her. That is where it's at!!!!!!!!

I thought I would put some of of Kade. I was attempting at practicing with my flash. Getting here properly exposed and not totally blowing out the scene outside (which with my urbanish pping you may not be able to tell in all) all while getting the right catchlights and angles and with the flash on the camera *gasp* lol.

OK - this was just one from this morning... I love the bobble head look ;)

As you can tell by the missing catchlight and not so groovy shadow my flash was not set up properly yet!

Such pretty long hair!!! I love doing it up.... she loves getting hairspray. Too bad she takes it out 10 min later to get it done and sprayed again!

She's giving Rohan heck here lol.

awwwwww this is one of her signature looks! I love when you get those shots of your kids that are just so them.


  1. Wow! She looks so much older with her hair back! Great job with the flash, you're gonna have to tutor me!

  2. Where's the after shot?



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