Sunday, February 20, 2011

Smokin HAWT ~ Calgary maternity photographer

That is what this momma to be is!!!!
Being pregnant is such an exciting and overwhelming time. Being pregnant with your first especially so!! You wouldn't even know it if you met R. So relaxed, and just gorgeous. It is not fair at ALL for women to look this pretty pregnant! We had a super fun session at their house and BRAVED the cold for a few shots outside! When I say braved, that is what it was. It was so cold and windy out... we kept having to warm up! Not the time you want to be caught outside dressed for fashion instead of function! But they pulled it off without complaint. Even holding their breath on the count of 3 so we wouldn't be seeing it in the pics ;)

Such an awesome couple... they are going to be amazing parents. What a lucky baby.

Just posting a couple... I am going to get my monitor calibrated before I carry on on any pictures. I am totally scared my colors are off and I like knowing they are bang on. So if anything looks off - rest assured it will be fixed tomorrow. Having a calibrated monitor will give me peace of mind to fly through all the photos I have waiting to be edited!!!

Who DOESN'T want a wall like this??? I asked if she could please come over to my house so I could watch the baby, while she ummm organized and decorated mine. Even warned her it might take weeks. She never did answer me......

I love this... because he busted out talking to the baby :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reality Rocks session #1 ~ Calgary baby photographer

It was so much fun to get together with this family again!!! I did their newborn session (twice) and was totally pumped to hang out for a lifestyle session. She had one of the free sessions during the Reality Rocks contests and we both were very happy!! I know how hard she was trying to win!!!

I haven't gotten through them all, but I did want to post a few as I know A really wants to see some ;) With switching computers it's been a little slow going now, but it is going to be totally and completely worth it. The actual editing time is so much faster and once I get the keyboard, commands and stuff down I know it is going to rock out!!

We got some pretty fun pics of little miss L. Ones that just make you smile. I am trying to get used to lifestyle vs posed which I thought would be easy, but once I get to people's homes I realize I do need some practice with it! I am so used to posing people! But it was an awesome session full of gorgeous images. I hope to do so much more of this... LOVED it and I LOVE the pics!

I need to apologize for the watermarks..... I have had to reset all my actions and putting the watermark on I didn't lower opacity enough. Fixing it!

We did this exact same shot with her as a newborn!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coming to you live.... from my new mac!

Well.... it was decidedly cold here today. And my kids were decidedly whiney. And grouchy. Sick... one has a fever and sore throat, and the other has almost lost his voice. Not enough to make us happy! Fighting all day. Nothing was good enough. Nothing was fun.
They were taking turns hitting timeout all day.

To try and break up the day I decided to take them outside. That was before I realized how cold it was outside!! Of course Ro had no issues with the cold, but Kade was having meltdown after meltdown. Then Rohan had a meltdown because I made him come inside.

It was just one of those days. One of those days where, as a parent, you are glad everyone lived, everyone ate something, and you managed to get them all to bed.

So here I sit trying to organize my computer (which my pc brain is actually having troubles with!) and revelling in its speed.

As it was quite frosty out today... it was perfect for a few macro shots. Except it turned out to be too cold. My fingers were sore and my hand was shaky from shivering. I was forced to give up! Now... I am still learning how to do this, so keep that in mind ;)I am still learning the computer so progress is slow. This mouse kind of stinks so I will have to get another to do proper editing. I really wanted to practice and get all my actions sorted out.

LOVE LOVE this!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

hooked | Calgary children's photographer

It only took about 3 seconds. In that time I took this.

I have taken many many poor man's macro shots. So many that I decided to try out a real macro. So I decided to try the 105mm 2.8. Seriously sharp lens. Can be very slow... wouldn't recommend to shoot someone's soccer game... but when it's on it is ON. Kade's picture? iso 3200 f3. Not great lighting... I just opened it up and wanted to try. And hello lashes and eyes. That sharp at 3200? Game on.

They hate the park. Seriously.

Need a hand? Here let me stand by you and make it look like I dragged you down the slide.

These next two are my fav's from the day. Just monkeying around. As usual.

What I get when I BEG for a shot by the blue wall.

What I get when I BEG for shots of them together. Kade is all ok, let's hold hands Rohan. And Ro is all no freaking way! Let me shove you to the ground while I yank my hand from yours.

I don't know how I managed to get any smiles really. 

And now... for the finale.... more reasons to love this lens......

Good times. Good times. *sigh*

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby, it's cold out there!!!!

Lately I have been having a hard time.... everything just seems sad right now.
My sister and her family (with whom we are EXTREMELY close with) moved to PEI. It's such a great thing for them and while I am totally happy for them, I am completely sad for us.

I haven't wanted to see my camera. Never mind pick it up and use it. I was taking too many 'this will be the last time we _ or the last time they _' pictures. I can't even open them to edit right now. Which is why my 365 is behind. I have taken the pictures, just can not bear to deal with them right now. My sister said her move felt like a divorce. Which it really does. We are so used to talking all the time, exchanging kids, and hanging out together I am a little like a lost puppy right now. As do my kids.

BUT..... life does go on. And fun can happen (even though I was sure it couldn't).

It snowed. A LOT this weekend. And we took the kids outside to play. For hours. I did not think they would last that long, but they did. Ro was of course the last one standing. As I was approaching frostbite I made him call it a day. Super fun... so glad we spent a couple hours not thinking about everything else going on... it has been a rough stretch.

Might as well get them used to working hard now... I don't want to be shovelling forever ;)

Hey... we told you there are NO coffee breaks in shovelling!

Daddy made Rohan a nice little tunnel/cave. It was a cave first, then when Ro's shovel came through the other side it was a tunnel they played in. Eventually Rohan also built a huge sunroof in it ;)


Good thing Daddy is a good sport ;) That Ro really gets into his 'work'!

The amount of ice and snow buildup on this kids hat is HILARIOUS! He didn't care at all!


And they are spent.

And then..... hot chocolate time. And time for a discovery. For anyone with kids that drink soy milk only... Kade for once LOVED hers. Hot chocolate powder with soy milk is a BIG HIT!

So so pretty out. Too bad Santa didn't deliver me a macro!




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