Sunday, January 31, 2010

365 day 82 | Calgary children's photographer

Well today was a busy but fantastic day!!!!
I had my lights out for a photo shoot today, so I thought I would do some experimenting while they were out.
If you have ever dealt with lighting - you'll catch what I'm throwing here.
It is a huge giant PITA to carry it up from storage downstairs and then back down again. So it's rare I take them out to play with them. WHICH I should totally be doing. But whenever they need to be out I use those moments as go time!!!!
I can't remember where... I think one of the forums I belong to I saw someone use a 'fake bed' setup. Bed shots can be really cool. and very lifestyle - which I really want to get into. So I through a comforter on the floor and some pillows. We don't have white pillow cases, so I covered them with the comforter. SO... it doesn't look as it should. Then once Kade got her jelly bean it was OVER. But - it is a great idea!!! I think they could be really cool.

We also had some fun at bath time. I had the lights off, and there is no window - so it's mostly flash. I love finding out more and better ways of using it!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

365 day 81 | Calgary photographer

I have had a few meltdowns this month. I assume January is MEANT for these kinds of things.
Photo shoots and editing has kept me busy, just as being sick has :) But our poor house..... well it needs some TLC and pronto!!! I had to renew my registration on the car... and heaven help me if I could find my pink slips. I mean I know... you're supposed to have them when driving right? BUT my registration is always up like 10 days BEFORE my new pink slips go into effect. And this year I must have tossed to old ones once I got the new ones. WHICH, of course, hadn't gone into effect yet.
Long story short, I found what I needed and got it paid - but what a mission.
Then it started - the feeling of the walls closing in, not breathing......the need to get cleaning NOW.  I had my nephews here, but nothing was going to stop me. I tore apart our pantry.
Ro went to Gram's last night for a sleepover so today Kade and I continued on. She was SO cute!!! (my little cinderalla lol) Always telling me how she was my helper. And she LOVES lady gaga. LOVES. She was singing along to paparazzi. Shocking me with the fact she can say paparazzi lol. And the dance moves.... haha totally crack me up.
So we tore apart most of the kitchen and half the dining room before Ro got back. It's going to be a long road.... but so worth it (or so my sister tells me). I have NEVER been the immaculate clean house... but a few years ago I would have refused to visit our house, never mind say we live in it!!!!!
anyways..... I snapped a quick couple of Kade. She really wanted to help.
She was scrubbing the fridge going 'oh yuck. What IS this? Ugh. Daddy is going to be SO happy when he sees this!!!!!!' It amazed me.... once Ro was gone for a longer period of time- she really came out talking. She even told me the truck was red. SHOCKING. because everything in her world is pink. always. no matter what color you are referring to. Except pink. That is blue. go figure.
I am happy to find she is just as talkative and expressive as her brother... and her vocab is much larger than we knew..... miss paparazzi!

Friday, January 29, 2010

365 day 80 | do you know what this is?

I have been MIA again... I know you've all missed me ;) This year has been one rollercoaster after another for me. I had a flu knock me out for almost a week, Then a major sinus cold, then the flu again (just the last few days). That combined with kids that have also been sick, a honey that has been sick and has to work, and kids not sleeping very well at all has really kicked me to the curb. I do believe we are on the upswing now, but I have to put it out there. Being this sick has put me behind. It is just something out of my control :(

But now.... as things are looking up I am determined to finish a couple of newborn sessions so we can share in the newborn squishiness very soon :)

So here's to a day with no sickness (although seriously my neck and back are killing me from having to sleep in my daughters teeny bed last night. Because really..... her bed was Rohan's bed. We bought Ro a new bed and gave Kade his old one. We bought Ro a new bed because it was too uncomfortable for me to sleep in if I had to. Which happens around here. So you can see where that led.... to me back to sleeping in the uncomfortable tiny bed!!!!!)

On to the post!!!!
I have my cousin to thank for this.
seriously..... my kids love crafty stuff. artsy stuff. messy stuff. So when my cousin and family showed up with this stuff Rohan HAD to have it.
I found out where you buy it and got some for Rohan's birthday. Well he loved the stuff.

Here's where the hints come in. It is string covered in WAX. And kids LOVE it. They love to play with it on our wood table. They like to spread out all over our hardwood floor and play with it.
When the windows are warm enough they REALLY love sticking the designs they make to the windows.

ok......... do you know what it is? Bedaroos. They are a great way to pass the time. Really fun, the kids love to make things with it.

Now for the downside... on wood this stuff is TORTURE!!! It's WAX..... so as much fun as it is... it is WAY MORE CELANUP.

But we're all for our kids right.... so we let them have their fun and grumble the whole time cleaning.

Today was a day they got to play with it..... grumble, grumble, grumble...... ;)

And now for the offending culprit......

Thursday, January 28, 2010

365 day 79 | cute as a button 5 month old session

I met some of the cutest brothers EVER the other day. They both have these amazing eyes and we totally cute. For sure a couple of future heartbreakers!! The oldest boy N was so adorable. I wanted to trade sons!!! He was all into pics when asked and just sat and smiled and held his bro. How could I not love a little boy like that ;) His little brother L was just as cute.... and you could get lost in those lashes and eyes. He gave me more of a workout.... he so desperately wants to sit up, but can't quite on his own yet. PLUS he just wants to roll roll roll when you put him down. Good thing mom was close to him!

Enjoy the little peek into the session!!!!

 I LOVED this picture as soon as I saw it.... he was so cute sitting playing with his big brothers hands!

Monday, January 25, 2010

365 day 79 some maternity shots | Calgary maternity photographer

I am SO behind in blogging sessions (well and finishing them). The events that transpired in my life just before Christmas and then the 2 weeks after..... well they just really slowed me down.

So today I am putting up a mat session!!!!! This couple was so fun to work with. You could just see how excited they were for this baby to be born. And big sister Miss M was so cute and just fun. Such a big helper.
I feel so lucky to have been able to photograph this moment in their life. They prob didn't feel as lucky... as I had to shoot it twice (see my hard drive crisis post for more on why). However, we ended up with total awesomeness.

Now on to the newborn pics :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

365 day 78 vday sessions..... extended | Calgary photographer

If you still want in on the card action.... I have some bookings for this Saturday.
Originally they were for today, but as I have been sick I was unable to market and respond to a few people.
So if you want in on the coolest cards..... let me know!

Here is one from today..... TOO CUTE! There are more from this session coming... I just wanted to put one up!

365 day 77 | JMK | Calgary children's photographer

My little girl has moodswings at the millisecond.
She was born to give dirty looks (just ask my sister) and her smile... which at times seems impossible to get can melt your heart. As she gets older the smiles are getting more frequent..... but the dirty looks are also getting a tad more annoying too! I have a feeling we are in for trouble with her when she hits those 'awesome' teenage years!!!!

Today we had a vday shoot. I really wanted some of my kids but quickly gave up. I never even snapped Ro's. I tried with Kade, but didn't REALLY try. Taylor had her cracking up, so I caught some great laughs. BUT when I tried to get her to look at me.... the dirty looks came out. IN A FLASH.

Here she is:

Hamming it up for Taylor.....

And what happens when I try to get her looking at me. She still won't look... and will stop smiling to boot!

I guess this one falls into the emotionally in focus.... cause nothing else is!!!

Story of the day..... Rohan got into some of Taylor's stuff in her closet. Found her perfume Beautiful. Let's just say after leaving the windows open ALL day, the wind and snopw blowing in - there is still know way spraying half the bottle smells beautiful. Absolutely NO WAY. He thought it goes in hair. Had his hair washed 4X and neither of us can still go near him. OY.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Helping Hearts for Haiti

We have all seen it. You can't avoid the news forever. Even if you are trying to because the images tear you up.
I have been struggling for days just what I should be doing to help. When something like this happens, there is something that stirs deep within. Compassion. A desire to help. Sadness. Grief for people I will never know.

A desire to reach out. To do something that will help. Because this is something so out of the ordinary. So unexpected. Life altering. World altering. Because people are hurting. People who had little to begin with are walking away with nothing. And most of them are walking away missing many people they loved.

And the children. As a mother I find this especially hard. One reporter asked a mother there if there was anything he could do and she replied please take my child home with you.
Instantly this had me in a flurry of tears. As a mother those words would possibly be the hardest words to say. Because as parents we do EVERYTHING to protect our children. We want to be all they need, their comfort their joy. And to know that she felt the need to send her child with someone... really struck me. I immediately knew there was something I had to do. I had been trying to figure it out  -but was now compelled to get into action.

Because no matter what... you should not be faced with this. We need to help. It is up to us.

But what should I do? I am one person. Just one. Then one friend said something. Use your photography. Thanks Michelle!
So..... here we are. I am joining in a group of photographers setting out to raise money for the Haitians.

This is an effort started by Michele Anderson of Pinkletoes Photography  from and  Lyndsay Stradtner of Life in Motion Photography from which I’m sure will balloon across the globe.

But I need you!!!!!!

Here's the deal!!!!!

You can win a 1-2 hr session of your choice...... a session JUST for you and your sweetheart, a mother- daughter(s), father-sons(s) session (or the other way around), or a session for your children.

The sessions will be on location.... and I have some great ideas for on location shoots as these!! Downtown, downtown at dusk for the romantics out there, at one of the great parks here, an ice cream shop.... there are many places to get some great pics here even in the winter!!!

Why these shoots? I wanted to be able to give sessions that most people don't get the chance to get all the time. We all worry about the family pics, the kids are always getting theirs done... but what about those romantic pics? The pics of a couple in love...... what about those mother daughter moments.. the sweetness of a dad having a great day with his son.

You will also receive a disk of 20 images to print until your heart's content!!!

how to win:
Go here to Canada for Haiti And make a donation. Or call the number listed there. Make a donation of $10. or more. Get your receipt. Send it to (I will NOT be keeping it... it will be deleted as soon as I have seen it and confirmed the donation).
All entries must be received to me by midnight Jan 31.

Other details:
*Winner will be drawn in a random draw and announced Feb 1st.
*Session MUST take place by the end of February in Calgary.
*If the winner does not claim their prize by Feb 5, it will be re drawn.
*winners must sign a model release.

There is MORE!!!

If you are a photog and want to get in on this... go here to get the form all filled out for info.

please blog, tweet, and share my link on facebook. let's raise some money and get someone an awesome free session!!!!! You can follow Helping Hearts on twitter and facebook.

Remember... money donated to the link here will be matched by our gov't. MATCHED.

So please..... please give. Let's spread some hope to people who are in dire need.

And one more link.... a link I saw today of an amazing rescue story from Haiti

Need another reason???? a little nudge?

because of this. what would we do if it was us not able to hug our children again. what if a natural disaster occured here and we lost our children. or if they lost us. what if on that day it had been our last hug.

because I can NOT even imagine the pain and suffering. from a natural disaster.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

365 day 76 | Calgary photographer

Today we had some heavy fog annd some awesome thick frost.
Soooooo what else is a person just dying for a sweet macro lens to do? Go out and try the poor man's version again lol. My fingers were freezing by the time I got these - but I am so excited!!! My best ones yet.
It was pretty hard though. It was so gloomy because of the fog so I had to really up the ISO. That plus a fake macro... they are not as sharp as I want - but they'll do!

When I get that macro I am going to rock it :)


teeny chain holding our birdfeeder....

one little branch - just the end of it!

dead plant we didn't take out of the flower beds lol.

365 day 75 | calgary children's photographer

How could someone so cute cause so much CHAOS!!!!!!

I have been really sick. again. Sinus cold. I tell ya, January is NOT our month. Last year it was pure torture with a few trips to Childrens and MANY to the dr's. At least this year it's just the flu and colds.

So I went to bed early last night (ok early for me) to be up about 5 min later (how DO kids know?????) with Kade. Poor little thing - I guess I shared my germs this time. Or maybe I'll just blame it on Daddy, seeing as I'm sure he brought this home!!!
She was up almost the whole night.
Which meant today was torture. Not only am I tired, but she was hell on wheels. For real. And when she doesn't get her way.... oh my. It was just an awful day. Glad to be over it and hoping she will sleep through the night. She seems to get nosebleeds so easy - and this runny nose business is causing a ton of bleeding noses right now.
So as it is almost 1am I really SHOULD be getting to bed!!!

She doesn't get much time to herself. Much time with just mommy. She barely makes any decisions lol. Because Rohan is almost always around. So when he goes to school she really wants to do what she wants to do. And enjoys playing without someone around that we all know in the end is going to end up hurting her. It's just a matter of time before the fight comes out when they play together!
So I usually let her choose whatever she wants to do. By herself or with me.
Today she wanted to eat special K and watch Tinkerbell. And that is just what she did :)

Doesn't want to miss a minute.....

Or any of this cereal lol :)


The ONLY one of her looking at me! and slightly OOF too :(

365 day 74 talking books | Calgary photographer

I am in the middle of reading one of the best parenting books I have ever read. It is not out to teach people how to parent, or easy answers. It is about offering a fresh perspective (see it ties into my blog) on children. How we parent them, how we talk to them. It is awesome and really makes you think.
If you are a parent, I highly recommend this book.

Nurture Shock
Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman

I am completely enjoying it and will prob read it more than once.

My fav quote so far:

"Emphasizing effort gives a child a variable that they can control. They come to see themselves as in control of their success. Emphasizing natural intelligence takes it out of the child's control, and it provides no good recipe for responding to a failure."

How true. I have already started changing how I praise my kids for getting something. As opposed to just wow you are smart! And it is really hard - you're smart just rolls of the tongue. BUT I totally believe this. and it is something I am going to stick to.

This book is really fascinating. I love it. end of story.
I will do a few updates on it as I go along :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

365 day 73 the Olympic torch is here!!! | Calgary photographer

I remember the Olympics being here in '88. I lived in Manitoba at the time. I was in grade 3 I think.... we had charts following all the medals and I remember how excited everyone was. We also came to Calgary for a vacation after they were over.
So when I heard we were going to have the torch passing through I wanted to make sure my kids got their share of the excitement too. You never know... they might not get the chance again!

My friend told me it was hitting High River today and I decided to let Ro play hooky from preschool and go to this instead. Amazingly enough even that was work! He really wanted to go to school!

But we forged on. Unfortunately we got there about 5 min too late. Which meant we followed the torch a zillion cops and traffic moving at a snails pace. Or I mean a torch runners pace lol.

Finally got parking and walked 3 miles (kidding but carrying a 2 yr old and shuffling to a grumpy 4 yr olds pace makes it feel like it was 3 miles) to the rec center. Where Kade immediately started screaming and crying 'I want to go back to the car mommy'. Good times. I had to carry her the entire time and lift Ro up so he could see. It was the only way to keep her from crying her eyes out. Ro was rockin out to the music, videotaping and taking pics. He was very upset he didn't have a flag. You guessed it they were handed out AHEAD of the torch run, and we were about 100 cars behind it lol.

Luckily a woman in the bathrooms overheard his cries for a flag and she gave him his AND Kade a little tambourine thingy. HAPPY kids again :)

I feel so lucky to have seen it - I didn't last time. And Ro and Kade will have some memories (well Kade rememebers crying hahahahaha) of it. It's a great time for Canadians!

He ran the torch through High River. He was the publisher of the paper there. Ro was not excited at all. Can you tell? hahahaha

Ro wanted to know why they stopped running with the fire. Yep this is the huge podium fire. He thought THIS was the one they ran with!

Lighting the next torch on its way to Okotoks.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

He was SO HAPPY to have a flag to wave to go along with his screaming with the crowd.

I'm so glad we went there. The crows were way smaller than in Calgary. I would have LOVED to have gone downtown... but with Kade - totally not in the cards lol.

When Ro got home the torch run was on tv coming into Calgary. Ro was SO PROUD to tell daddy he saw it in person. He can't wait to show his pics and vidoes for show and tell at school this week. Finally.... good decision mom!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

365 day 72 brand new baby boy| Calgary newborn photographer

Oh this little baby can just melt your heart. When he is awake he is alert and his eyes are just amazing. And once we got him to sleep.... well he was putty in our hands!!!
He is completely gorgeous.... which isn't surprising once you see his family. Thanks so much C for having me over to photograph him... can't wait to dig into these pictures!!!!!

*vday update* 2 sessions are gone.... 8 remain.
the last two session of the day have been booked 1:30 and 2:00.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

365 day 71 | Calgary children's photography

I promised a funny pic... and I know how to deliver!!!!!

I have posted before over Ro's bedtime antics.... but this one was AWESOME.

He had his hair cut the other day - a faux hawk again. They sprayed the red hairspray in it too - so it was pretty red up there.
When I went up to turn his light off ( both kids fall asleep here with their lights on lol) I laughed the whole way down the stairs. He was in his pjs... with Kade's underwear on over top!!!!
Not to mention he must have snuck into our room as he had mascara ALL over his eyebrows and lashes and half his face.
So he had red hair, mascara everywhere, and Kade's underwear on. It was AWESOME lol. Too bad he turned over when I ran to get the camera!

Here's the pic.....

Joke of the day:
We went to go get Ro a new bed today. Lucky kid - a huge and comfy bed!!! Most of that was for selfish reasons - I send a lot of time in there and his bed was not comfy!!!!

Anyways... we were paying the saleslady.....

Ro(to the salesladay): I'm 4 you know
Saleslady: oh you look much older than 4! I thought you were 5!
Ro: Don't be ridiculous!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA we all had a laugh over that! She told Dion went she helped him carry the mattress to the car we have a very bright son! So funny!


1:30 is taken...... Book quickly!!!

365 day 70 | Clagary children's photography

Hmmmmmm NOONE even caught I did 2 day 68 posts!!!!!!!!!!! Or noone that wanted to come out and tell me lol.
I had one of the funniest pics I was going to put up today - but I just realized that I didn't upload it from my camera by accident - so it will be tomorrow!!! So I put one that I took the other day.
I wanted this pic to have a sweet, old warm fuzzy feeling to it. I love how it turned out. He is such a little thinker. Deep in thought here - no he's not watching TV!!!!!!
He was waiting for me to set the camera up, desperate to hit the button on my camera ;)

I can NOT believe he will be in kindergarten soon. I can't believe how fast they grow up. Today he was trying to be so nice to Kade. Trying to *protect* her from his cousins. As if - the poor cousins need the protecting. But he turned and looked at me and said 'mom I am SUCH a good brother aren't I' !!!!!!
To which I immediately thought... yes right now..... hahahahaha. melt my heart :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentines day special.... You do NOT want to miss this!!!

Who doesn't want to have the coolest valentines day cards around??? I am not the typical mom into the cards you go and buy then spend the night writing to and from..........
Expected of course... seems my whole life revolves around pictures.

So here it is..... wait for it....... wait for it.........

My first mini sessions EVER!!!!!!!

the deets:

Date: Saturday Jan 23
Location : my studio (aka my house for those of us that live here)
Time: 10am - 2pm
Cost: $40

the loot:
-4 high res pictures on cd ready for print. Can be 4 of one child or combinations of your children
-4 valentines cards chosen by you for each picture on cd ready for print.
- websize files to match

the day broken down:
You come to your appt time. You pick the color of background you want (choices in the rules section). I take the pictures and upload them to the computer. You then choose the poses that you like. You pick the cards you would like. I will have them all up on my computer to choose from. That's it!!! I will have the pictures ready and delivered the next week so you can print them ahead of time to give out!!!Perfect personalized cards to give of your cutie pies!!!

the Rules:
-I need 10 bookings to make this happen. I will only be taking 10 bookings.
- backdrop options: black, grey, blue, brown and pink
-4 pictures is the max for this deal. So if you choose a card that has 4 openings I will put those 4 in that card, and the other cards will be made using the same pictures as the 4 opening ones. Hope I explained that well :)
-sessions are 20 min. 20min. So be on time or your session may be cut short.
- I have around 20 cards to choose from. They can all be personalized... even have the to and from added :) just talk to me at your session and I will see what can be done!
- there will be a watermark on the picture. It will be small at the bottom corners. It MUST be left on for printing. I will not make it huge.... I will not cover any main parts of the card or over your picture... but it will be there :)
- I will also have some cute props for the pics if you so desire. I will discuss that when you book as they will be CANDY!

Book quickly..... I will keep updating as I get the bookings... and let you all know the time slots left.
And tell your friends...... if you want these cards lets get the bookings!!!!

I am very excited over this....  I cant wait to hand them out!

Here are some I did today. Please keep in mind I was watching 4 kids under 4 - so the pics are not in a real studio setup - but I needed some pics to put in the cards!! Don't forget to check the post below for Keag's pic!! LOVE that card :)

just a little preview......... | Calgary children's photographer

I am working son something VERY fun and exciting!!!!!
Keep checkin in...... I should have some more info posted tonight. For now..... c'mon this has to be one of the MOST AWESOME vday cards there are!!! My little nephew........

Thursday, January 14, 2010

365 day 68 c'mon look at the camera PLEASE?? | Calgary children's photographer

Do you have these kids??? I admit it - I have probably taken too many pictures of my kids lol. They are so OVER my camera!!!
Here's Kade....... please Kade look at me.... please - you look so cute playing there... and I get this

C'mon Kade please.... just one plic of you playing nicely.... and then I get this

So then I start doing this UBER annoying noise that usually gets kids to at least look - maybe not smile... but look lol. As you can see Kade did not find it funny in the least.

So I give it one more try..... ok Kade - last click I promise!!!! and then I get this.

And that's where I gave up haha.

Now Ro - well he is really into cameras. Really. He is learning how to shoot in modes other than auto and learning how to focus. Constantly running around hmmm this part of the picture looks the sharpest...... awww I love this kid!!!

And after the haircut.... please Rohan please just one pic so we have it of your hair.... please (sound familiar) THIS is what I got!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!


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