Monday, February 1, 2010

365 day 82 | Calgary photographer

Does anyone want to know what happens when you clean out your kitchen? hmmmm aside from opening your fridge and swearing you hear angels singing, opening your pantry and no kidding you hear clapping almost a standing ovation, and opening your lazy susan and hearing NOTHING... no cans falling over each other (lol)????

You do something you haven't done in a long time. Something I used to like, but haven't really done in a while.
Well at least it's something I do. COOK. I looked in my pantry and my lazy susan and found something suprising. INGREDIENTS. And I cooked 2 nights in a row. SHOCKER.

Tonight was lasagna. Now really I love lasagna. I make it once in awhile.... not too often, but it is so yummy when I do!!!! Because really.... what would lasagna be without 4 kinds of cheese and tons of sauce and oodles of noodles????

Now go and make yourself one tomorrow... and don't buy frozen lol. Who eats those anyways ;)


  1. LOL love the angel comment!
    does dion cook when you don't? that's a husband feature that i wouldnt mind having!

  2. hahahaha yep Dion cooks. mac and cheese and grilled cheese. Or he picks up the phone.
    He is though an EXCELLENT bbq'r. I just have to have stuff to bbq on hand!

  3. LOL Arent most men good at the grill? I'm embarassed to admit I don't even know how to turn the bbq on! oh man i cook every night...thought you had some sort of secret cooking man weapon!

  4. don't I wish!!! I just meant I make crap if I don't cook hahahahaha.
    We have been eating a TON of sandwiches lately!
    I don't know how to turn ours on either.... that's HIS deal!

  5. mmmmmmmmm I made lasagna last week...i was sad when it was gone :(

  6. I think I will do that tonight! Why wait until tomorrow? It looks too good!



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