Wednesday, February 10, 2010

vday session | Calgary children's photographer

I had a super great vday session!!!! I was so excited to take pictures to put into vday cards..... glad I had someone book them!! Now I know they got some use!!!
Rohan was totally stoked to take his to school today to hand out. Not really thinking... I attached licorice (wrapped) to the cards with a paper clip. Well I guess when he dropped them into everyone's bags the licorice fell off (I noticed this when we delivered Jaxon's bag of goodies to his house - he was home sick from school and we were trying to perk him up!). Rohan said most of them fell off when he dropped them in lol. OOPS!!!!

I made some for my nephews and for this session. I have to admit I TOTALLY LOVE the idea of personalized cards. I hope to be doing up some for Easter too... so look out!!!!!

Here are some of the cards/photos from the session. These are some of the cutest kids... and yes I am biased they are one of my good friends children :)

They know me so well by now... taking their pics only takes a few minutes... they know what to do! Then it's play time!

3 kids all looking at me and noone is crying or making a funny face. 2 minutes. LOVE THESE KIDS ;)

She is complete cuteness :)

Best part of taking her pictures???? SHE LOVES THE CARDS.... mom told me so today!!!!

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