Monday, February 22, 2010

365 day 103 | Calgary photographer

I am going to Two Photogs meetup tonight!!!! With 2 other photogs hahahahahaha.
I am soooo excited. I know I can share here..... someone is BOUND to share and understand my excitement!!!
It is being put on by Fresh Sugar and Bowes Photography. Who BTW are two of my all time fav Calgary photographers. Dion thinks I am a nut and does NOT understand why on earth I want to go just meet up with people!!!!
But I am soooooooo very excited. They are like meeting celebrities ;)

So I had this shot all planned out for today's blog. Kade just started taking an interest in jewlery and had this little flower ring on. It was pink and silver and trust me nothing has ever looked so cute ;) But as we all know... when mom's go out (especially if it's before bedtime) there is a ton of work and planning.
So I have spent the day planning, laundry, showering the kids, preschool pickup and dropoff, getting supper ready, getting the kids jammies and everything ready.
Somewhere in that time.... Kade LOST the ring. She was so proud she could put it on and off... and now it's just OFF lol.

So while I was making their lunch I just snapped a few pics instead.

When I went over to my friend V's the other day she was having a light snack ;) It is something I ate all the time when preg with both kids.... and I totally wanted some!!!

Vanilla yogurt, granola, strawberries...... a bowl full of yummy goodness!!! Try it! Kids LOVe it too ;)

Strawberries are on sale at Sobey's and Safeway right now. I went to both stores looking fo iced green tea that Dion drinks lol. Super cheap and really good too!

Yogurts was also on sale.... LOL. I spend so much time at grocery stores... I should do price comparisons!

Is it just me or does this stuff keep going up in price? You were right V - way pricey!!! Almond and Cranberry granola. YUM.


  1. OMG - I am soooo JEALOUS about your meetup with 2 Photogs, I think they are great too!!! Oh, you lucky girl!!!!!

  2. How did the rest of the night pan out? And do you have a macro lens?

  3. we left shortly after you guys :)
    Sort of, I have macro capability on my tamron... but I use poor man's macro with my 50 - it works well!



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