Monday, August 30, 2010

more of the ever adorable baby B

Such a sweet sweet lill man! and his sister is so cute too!!!
Just wanted to share a few more from their exciting session!!!

love love sweet little newborns.....

Here are a few more of baby L. I can't help myself. I just love these photos!!! She is so gorgeous...

she was SO SMILEY!!!

I LOVE how humongous soothers look on newborns!

The headband I made..... I LOVE it!! Will be posting pics of different kinds soon... I am pumping them out now ;) And they look great on babies and older kids!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

365 day 255 mission accomplished. almost.

'Mommy!!! We are almost done getting me all ready for SCHOOL!!! All we have left is my eye exam, my shoes and my haircut!! Then I am ALL READY FOR SCHOOL!!!!!'

Too bad my son's enthusiasm isn't catchy! He may drive me crazy.... but I am going to miss him! I get all weepy just thinking about it. If your kid goes to my my kid's school... seriously don't mind me the first few days. I am totally prepared to be a blubbering mess! But he is STOKED. Enough that we got through shopping today. Which IMO makes the day about as perfect as you can get :)

Jenny took Kade (BTW everyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very beautiful sister!) for a couple hours in the hopes I could actually get some shopping done with Rohan.
SWEET!!!!! We are almost all set!

BUT....... while waiting in line at Sears Ro got a free eye exam. Which has resulted in an eye exam tomorrow am. Please please cross your fingers we do NOT have to get glasses for him!!! While he is excited he may need glasses just like Jaxon... I have honestly hoped and wished EVERY day that our kids do NOT need glasses. I can not tell you how much I can NOT stand having to wear them or contacts and really hope my kids do not have to. NOT TO MENTION.... they would cover his beautiful lashes (how vain am I lol). I just hope that it doesn't happen. We will see tomorrow I guess!

So with Ro almost all set I got to snag the baby and take he and Kade out to Grandma's while Ro got spoiled with a movie with Aunty and the boys. Then grandma snagged the baby ;) I took Kade to the park and she had a BLAST. I am actually very excited to get to spend some time just her and I while Ro is in school this year. She is SO FUN!!!

Once we were home Ro raced to show her some of the stuff we got her. And She fell in love with a hat and matching mittens. SWEET. Cause I totally fell for them at the store! They are just awesome and I hope we get a lot of use out them - SO SO CUTE!!!!!! She was modelling. UNTIL Ro mentioned he got a new water bottle. Then.... bring on the tears. She wants one too.

Singing. At the top of her lungs.

Playing with trains and barbies. With mitts. LOL.

How do you like that messy face??? Bleeding nose, strawberries.... classic Kade ;)

Seriously.... CUTE HEY???

REALLY not happy with Rohan. Or his cup. And is demanding to go to the mall THIS MINUTE.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

365 day 254 BEACH DAY. A REAL BEACH TOO!!!

Alright my 365 is ALL OUT OF WHACK.
And so will the posts. I am going to catch up - just work has got the best of me!!!

We went to Sylvan Lake yesterday. 4 kids are a LOT of work. Head counts all the time... and someone is always missing!

We took grandma and Jax and Keags with us. As we couldn't all fit (even in a van) I drove the kids in the van and daddy and grandma took her car. The way there was uneventful.. but I did learn a couple of random facts.
-When you give someone a drink or food... you have to stop. You can not get it to the back and neither can the kids directly behind you.
-Learn how to use the DVD player and get a movie in BEFORE leaving. Very important.
-buckling kids in the back row STINKS
-driving a van is like floating on air - AWESOME.
Once there is was PARTY TIME!!!

The boys got real brave. They are just getting so big and independent! They took those boogie boards and went out pretty deep. Tried picking up a girl too ;)

Everyone had so much fun! It was the perfect day.... I just wish there was more beach there!
Can't wait to hit it up next year! And hit the waterslides!

The drive home was more eventful. Many tears (Kade) and sore everythings (Kade and RO) many stops requied (there are SO FEW easy stops on the QE2 BTW) and much more hunger and thirst to deal with.

And here I thought they would sleep the whole way home!!!!!

She put mascara on today. Can you tell?




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