Friday, February 19, 2010

365 day 100 | Calgary children's photographer

Soooooo being the 100th day... that's right 100th day, I wanted to step out of my *sort of* comfort zones.
High key photography is fairly popular. But you have to be able to pull it off. Doing it in photoshop doesn't really cut it for me. Washed out skin tones on high key are not good.... there are so many troubles trying to get a truly great high key image.
I'm sure once you KNOW how you can knock them out no problem. But for me... well still green people!

But unless you try you can never learn, never get better.

So I tried it today. TODAY of all days ;)

I woke up with the headache I had when I went to bed last night. I had a photoshoot (which was awesome) at 9, dropped Ro off for preschool at 11, washed the car, got groceries, picked Ro up, my nephews got dropped off, my MIL came over and took us out for supper, and Kade keeps getting up coughing. So it was insanely busy and the headache has gone NOWHERE!

Anyways.... I have wanted to try high key. It is not a look that I personally LOVE to pieces... but I like it in its place and would like to be able to add it to my portfolio, and check it off my list of things to learn.

It can not be checked off today! It was HARD. I had my huge light hitting the back of the backdrop and some spilled onto the people. OOPS. I had my umbrella lighting the person along with the window light.

I have figured that I either need 2 lights on the backdrop, or a light with reflector.
As for the people.... I am still trying to figure it out. The one with Rohan sitting.... the floor was actually not pure white - there was a section I had to ps white. dissapointing. But I couldn't figure out how to light the floordrop without overexposing the person.

This is why I try everything... to learn.
And these are not stellar pics. I know it. But it's part of my journey. Part of my learning.
So here is my VERY FIRST try at true high key.

It's blinding lol.

kade in all her glory. Seriously.... the hair? Rohan got ahold of some soap, and her hair was the unlucky recipient. And her face.... She gets dirty in NO TIME flat. Silly messy kid. This is her.

Oh yeah.... he REALLY wanted to do this. Or NOT. HA.


  1. I don't know what you're talking about, just starting.... these are great! You got smiles from both too!

  2. So this type of photo is called High Level? Whatever it is I think you did a great job, I always wondered how to go about setting that up



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