Saturday, June 20, 2009

some outside fun

I have alot to catch up on!!!
I have been kept busy with sessions and editing and summer, with people visiting and us travelling. Not to mention some more trips to the doctor over Rohan's skin breakouts. POOR KID!!! If it's nasty and weird it will happen to him. Two dr opinions say excema, but I am still unsure. The last breakouts from our trip are pretty random and weird. Must take some pics!!
So here are the kids.... enjoying summer. Well as much as they can with my camera shoved in their faces. But hey - they get ice cream for all the trouble they go through LOL!!!

Seriously.... this could NOT be any cuter. One of my fav pics of the kids together for sure.

And a couple of the blooming flowers (that are already gone LOL) because I can NOT resist the beauty found in nature. I'll snap anything I find pretty or amazing or fun!

And this was about mid way through the first break out. Thankfully his face has almost fully cleared up.

it seems fun to be one

When you're looking at life through the eyes of this adorable just turned one year old!!! Little 'O' was so much fun to photograph - she must get it from her awesome parents! I had so much fun at this shoot and seriously have had trouble narrowing down the pictures.
Thank you so much for letting me capture some memories for you... I hope you enjoy the sneak peak - there many more coming your way!!!

I got the chance to take a variety of shots with this family. They were so easy going and had alot of creative ideas as well. These are some of the family shots.....

These are a couple of shots that were inspired from a couple newborn photos mom and dad had taken of little miss 'O'. And let me tell you.... it may be hard to get that in the air shot with newborns, but that has NOTHING on trying it with a wiggly squirmy one year old who is determined to wiggle free!!! I'm so happy to have gotten a good shot!

And here are some of the little princess herself. She was pure cuteness. Her smile can seriously light up a room.

We also had some prop fun.... and I had some texture fun in editing. These are the results.....

This is the normal edit....

And this has a little added fun....




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