Monday, February 15, 2010

365 day 96 don't you hate when this happens???| Calgary children's photographer

This kid wears dresses about 98% of the time. She detests pants and will not wear them UNLESS they are comfy sweats or she has no other options!!
So her tights are all well used. WELL USED. This is starting to happen quite often!!! She was so uncomfortable... we tried tying the toe part, duct tape (oh I wish I had had my camera around for that lol), and then I just cut the toes across and she wore them as leggings!

and just one of Ro... because well just because.... :)
He was riding his scooter and I shouted his name. AND caught him looking right at me!

for anyone practicing speedlight skills..... go to your nearest basement. WOW in an hour I sure learned a ton pretty quick!

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  1. haha! Love those tights! That is what it's really like. So cute.



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