Tuesday, February 23, 2010

365 day 104 | Calgary photographer

Today we went out. Oh yes we went out. Everyone is healthy (Kade is still coughing... but that's ok) so we left our house for some fun. Of course now that we are healthy the friend we were going to go out with's daughter has the cold :( So we packed up and went out to Grandma's.
It was an interesting drive.... she told me it was foggy out, but it was just this weird fog. It would be all clear, then you'd see these clouds zoom over you, then the thick grey clouds. And then you COULD NOT SEE.
Totally random, happened the whole way all along the drive.

But we got there and had fun. FYI I kid you not.... Strathmore is like 10 degrees colder and the wind MUST be at least 5 km/hr faster than in Calgary. It is always colder there! On our walk today we were in hoodies, scarves, mitts, winter coats. We got home and it was gorgeous! Just so you know. HA.

I have been searching and searching... randomly driving around trying to find a driveway/road completely lined with trees to use for a photoshoot. Especially for fall. Seriously... is that too much to ask for? Sooooooooooooo hard to find here (unless I wanted evergreens lol). I thought this might work and have been dying for a chance to try some pics. Well. SIGH. I did it. And it won't. The trees are too far from the road.
*insert sad smiley here* If anyone knows of one.... please please let me know! This street still is beautiful... just not what I need.

then on to cuddles and loving with grandma.....

GORGEOUS sunset on the way home (same street lol)


  1. okay WHATEVER! That road is awesome! And you captured it beautifully!
    I *may* know of a road. I saw it last summer and thought it would be awesome in the fall, but haven't been back. I might take a drive tomorrow...it's super close! I'll keep you posted.

  2. purdy!!!! I love that top one. I havent been to your blog in ages...or any blog for that matter!

    I could comment on every pic :)




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