Thursday, December 31, 2009

365 day 59 reporting disaster | Calgary event photographer

Here is my best advice to all of you for the new year.

BACK UP YOUR PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me just tell you how a random string of quickly moving events has brought me to more than a few tears.

When I take pics (family) I put them on my computer.I leave them there until I do a following session. When that session takes place I upload it to my computer. I immediately then back up the session/s and any other family photos to my external hard drive. I then burn sessions to cd's. Then delete my computer and move on!!! I should have been backing up my family photos - but anyone who knows me knows I have been incredibly busy and stressed and am dealing with two kids who are not sleeping well through the night and getting up extremely early. So yes - I have not backed up my family pics recently.

I thought this was a pretty slick system - seemed to be working, everything was GREAT. My external harddrive was 1TB - so it holds a TON of photos. My RAW files from my camera a GINORMOUS - and take up a ton of room - but there was tons of pics on there!

Until.........that fateful day..................
my external hard is a LaCie. The cord on it is incredibly short. I learned quickly not to have it plugged in when the kids are around - it's like it has a sign on it saying 'trip over me please... you'll like it!'. However... this one morning I was ecstatic because I had both my back to back maternity sessions done, it was 2 days after Christmas and needed room on the computer to upload pics! So.... Kade had woken up extremely early and was laying beside me on the couch watching a movie. I figured I would get to it. Pulled out the external and hooked it up. Copied  all my pictures (except one session I hadn't finished) and dropped them to the external drive. Then it happened.

I heard the door knob turn upstairs. I quickly hit safely removed on my computer and shut the hard drive off. I then hit delete on the computer. Why? I don't know - as I said I am not getting much sleep and was panicking over Ro coming down and tripping over the cord. So I hit delete, then turned the hard drive off.
At that precise moment Kade sat up and heard Ro start down the stairs. She jumped off the couch and as I went to reach for the hard drive unplugging it from the computer.... she tripped over the cord running to say good morning to Ro.

Which resulted in the hard drive crashing to the floor. And I had a heart attack.
It is broken..... very very broken. It only fell from the coffee table to the floor - and it is RUINED. You should have heard the noise it made...... SHEESH!
I had to call two clients (who happen to be the COOLEST people in town and were very forgiving) and tell them all I had left were their internet sized pictures up on my proofing site. It was completely heartbreaking for me. I was and am completely mortified.

And every day I remember more and more pics of my kids that I may or may not get back. all our summer pics, my coke bottle shots of Ro, his first day of preschool, school concert.... I am totally heartbroken.
I take enough pics (lol) that in 5 years this may not bother me...... but as of right now well I still am teary eyed and completely frustrated with myself.

SO.................. pictures are never safe. Back up. and do it often.
I am also getting some online storage to cover my bases. LaCie offers some when you buy harddrives, and I am looking at Backblaze.
Dion also bought me some cordless small hard drives. So I won't have SO much on the hard drives.... and there will be no tripping over cords. And yes - he saw this coming lol.

I have learned a lesson I don't want anyone else to have to. Take it from me - I haven't developed photos in awhile - and now they may just be GONE.................

BACK UP PEOPLE BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all my friends who are helping me try to get some data back and supporting me - and to some really cool clients. I am so very sorry.


Seriously.... whose hard drive happens to crash to the ground as you are backing it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

365 day 58 | snow and afternoon light

No matter how cold it gets.... and how nasty and long winter can seem noone will ever convince me the beauty of snow isn't worth it.
I love afternoon light and snow. It is just gorgeous. We packed up our kids (it has been relatiively nice here) and headed to Fish Creek for a few minutes of outdoor fun. The little river there is frozen, and kids have made a skating rink on it. FUN FUN!!! The kids were on the river with daddy while I was taking some fun pics!!

I did brave walking on the river a few minutes... but that's it. I am a scaredy cat lol.

view from on the river

365 day 57 | major changes for Kade

Just under 2 weeks ago Kade announced she wanted her ears pierced.
When she was a baby Dion wanted to get them done - but I didn't. I wanted her to be old enough to decide for herself. Thinking she would probably be around 5-7 or so.
So I went and booked an appt at Merle Norman's. She couldn't wait! The appt was for a week after booking. She said every day that she wanted them done and wanted pink earrings (at one store she picked out green.... but changed her mind the next day). So the day came TODAY!!!!
I said ok Kade let's get ready and she was ALL OVER IT. OK mommy.... Rohan get ready!!!! Daddy had a day off today too so we all went together.
She walked right in, picked out her earrings (after being very disappointed they didn't have the pink she wanted) a very nice pink. And yes she is 2 going on 12 lol.
She sat on daddy's lap and DID NOT move. Barely blinked. Sat through the dotting, getting the guns ready and the shooting. She jumped a little after that - and we think one girl may have hurt her a bit (see pic below lol) - but she said nothing. You can just SEE the determination in her eyes. She decided it, wanted it and went for it. EVEN when it meant having people talk to her... more importantly touch her. That is a HUGE deal for her - it sometimes makes her very upset just to have strangers talk to her - she must have REALLY wanted this!!!!

She never even touched them or anything for hours!!!

She must have been in shock though - she did see them in the mirrors there and was super happy, but 3 hrs later at home she said 'What's in my ears daddy' lol. So cute. So I took her to the mirror and the smile on her face - oh that smile. She was THRILLED. Awwwwww *teary*
another one of those moments..... what a cutie!

Getting ready to leave.......

making the dots

1,2,3 BAM!

And done

The LOOK hahahahaha

awwwwww taking a look for the first time

and another look lol she couldn't get enough!

at home... she thought I was taking pics of her hair lol.

Seriously.... HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

365 day 56 Merry Christmas!!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year........................................
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and are enjoying the holidays :)

This year we were really excited for Christmas. Rohan actually *gets* Santa now... and knows what's going on and when Christmas is. Kade is old enough to enjoy presents.
So last night I told Kade (who has Santa issues) - go to sleep and Santa will bring you presents... to which she grabbed me by the shoulders, looked right into my eyes and said 'Mommy Santa is going to FREAK ME OUT!!!!!!'. Sometimes it is hard to believe she is 2!!!!
Well... I have no clue what time Ro got up - but he ended up back in our bed being force to aleep (by me lol). Once Kade got up - it was time to go! Ro went downstairs and came back up with his huge eyes round as saucers saying ' Santa was here! He ate one bite of cookie, drank his milk, the carrots are gone, he wrote me a note and got some of his beard stuck in the chimney on his way out!' (well played Dion!)!!! He was soooo excited. Made Christmas worth it right there! So we went down and had A very wonderful Christmas morning.
It was really nice and relaxed - the kids opened gifts and played with them a little before moving on. Especially Kade. She absolutely loves dolls and was paying with this doll she got from Gram FOREVER!

I loved this Christmas! More to come..... but this was the morning!!!!

Our tree BEFORE the unwrapping took place!

hmmmmm don't think he likes his gift!!!!!

all it takes is new toothbrushes. Seriously. LOVE this girl :)

Seriously.... he saw commercials somewhere for fake razors from Walmart. We got lucky a few weeks ago and found some. Managed to buy them RIGHT under his nose at the store!!!!! That in itself is a miracle. He said he had to get pretty before going to Auntie Jen's lol. He also *shaved* before going to bed tonight!!!

She is just the cutest little thing. She can light up a whole room when she wants lol.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

365 day 55 big bokeh challenge

Christmas is ALMOST here!!!! So I have been getting some skills with Christmas lights. I keep seeing all the pics with humungous bokeh from tree lights. So I wanted to get practicing so tomorrow I could get some nice (hopefully) shots.
The trick is having subjects far from the tree, and opening the app up all the way. Which (as you'll see) means if your kid turns or both eyes aren't on the same plane of focus - only what you focus on will be in focus - unless you can back farther up from them. Which I just run out of room - so I opt for some in focus to get the circular bokeh I LOVE!!!

I was dying to try the Starbucks pic - it did NOT go as planned. My windows cast harsh glares on the cups - I am going to try again at night with my lights! What I will do for pics lol.

Here are my first attempts!!! and yes she is in her brother's pajamas.... don't judge lol.

Woa - that look def means trouble!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

365 day 54 (Sun catch up) a ROTTIE!!!

No we didn't get one haha. But I LOVE these dogs. I love how clumsy they are.... how they have no clue how big they are, how playful and smart and loveable!!!!
Friends of ours just got a little puppy and my kids are in love with him. He is still small... about 50 lbs... but LOOk at these clubs!!!! He is going to be huge! BUT he is so cute and just amazing with kids. Rohan hugs him and just hangs out with him. He kisses Kade and she just LOVES to be near him. Just an amazing dog. Everytime I see him I just want to take him home!!!!
THEN I remember oh yeah.... they slobber hahaha. Wait until he's full grown!!!

Seriously.... how freakin cute is this dog!!!!

365 day 53 (Sat catch up) macro action!

Well. I have drooled over a macro lens for um ever. And am still lol. I won't be getting one anytime soon - but I did a have a little fun with a *free* type of macro. The poor man's (or woman's I guess) macro.
How? Take your lens off, and flip it the wrong way, and hold it up to your camera.
You have to focus by moving towards your subject and back away. When it's in focus CLICK IT!!!!

I was debating whether or not to try it... I mean I don't want dust or dirt getting into my baby - or drop my lens lol. But I was itching to try it. SO I DID!!!! Now.... I thought it was going to be hard - and it was. Only a few shots cam out in focus at all. I think maybe I need to close up the app a little and try again. Plus I was doing it late in the day..... so I had slower shutter speeds and high iso to deal with.

BUT...... WOW! I want that macro even more now! How AWESOME are these (not perfect - but you get it!)!!!
These are completely uncropped... you can get THAT close to your subject..... AMAZING!!!!

snowflakes on a branch highest ISO as I have.... still wasn't enough!! and my focus was shaking more from me moving and slow slow shutter speeds.... but I'm going to get it!!!

Kade's lashes... seriously... only a few got focused on - this is UNREAL!!!

Very small Christmas ornament......very small...a little bell..... it's on a striped chair now that is impressive!

Monday, December 21, 2009

365 day 52 (Fri catchup) | Calgary children's photographer

It's SNOWING!!!! Oh how I love SNOW!!!!!! (ok for the time it's meant to be here lol)
Kade is turning into a TOTAL comedian. She just makes me laugh!
Today we were supposed to go to the mall for pics with Santa. The morning went like this:

ME: Kade do you want to go see Santa and get your pics taken?
Kade: Ummmmmm NO. I'm still mad at Santa. I want you to save me from Santa.
Rohan: Kade don't you want presents from Santa?
Kade: Ummmmmm NO.

After one forced lunch break and around 2 hrsish - we got the pics. HILARIOUS. I had her primed and she knew she would get cookies........ but even that didn't totally work. But it did get her on my lap with the shot being her struggling to get out of my grasp. The photographer wanted her to look so bad - I was like JUST SNAP ALREADY!!!! She then wanted to retake it which ended in Kade screaming lol. It was OVER like that :)

Anyways... here's some of the little comedian!!! Proving that 2 can be FUN! I actually got a few today I really love of her... these are a couple of favs!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

fun maternity session..... with knitting chocolates and mints! | Calgary maternity photographer

This was a very fun, very different maternity shoot for me!!! I am starting to get more comfortable with maternity shoots - and they are SO much fun!!!!!
C and I had many really fun ideas and it was a blast sharing this time with you :) Thanks so much for the opportunity and the chai!!!

Here are a couple..... complete with knitting a hat for this little boy, and some fun with cravings!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

365 day 51 is anyone keeping track I need a calendar

HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously... I'm going to have to look it up :)

So..... I saw on a forum how to change the shape of your bokeh without buying a special (pricey) filter for your lens. Today my kids were being SO awesome and playing outside.... so i thought I would give it a whirl. This is my FIRST try.... I have more to learn obviously. But here...... check out the shapes of my bokeh!

And converted to balck and white for fun!

365 day 50 it's tree time! | Calgary children's photographer

Well... we had our tree up for 2 days. It was TIME TO DECORATE!!!!! D is not much into the chaos of decorating trees. So Ro, Kade and I dug into the the forever knotted up impossible to uncurl lights..... brought out the breakeable glass ornaments (who wants to guess how many are already broken!)...... and Ro broke the star for the top of the tree. Oh yes... and Kade fell over and almost took out the tree.
All in all - good memories.... little damage! And only one timeout was served... although it was threatened more than once!

Waiting with anticipation for their pics to be over so they can start trashing the joint *I mean decorating*

Kade's version of looking at me and smiling.

opening up the boxes!!!

Lights are made to be messy. and time consuming. and annoying. almost painful.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

365 day 49 | Calgary maternity photographer

I am working my way through an incredibly fun mat session. I have wanted to get to these kitkat pics for days... and am finally there. So I just wanted to put one up for fun :) C - I seriously had an AWESOME time taking these :) And your chai ROCKS!!!!!

So many fun pics from this day!!!!

Check this bracelet out! Very cool... we caught a great angle! Don't mind the pixeling... this is zoomed in like 8000% lol.


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