Thursday, July 29, 2010

365 day 240 mmmm love this recipe | Calgary photographer

I feel the need to put a disclaimer here.... I am having allergies. Not just run of the mill one reactine and I'm good. Extreme allergies. So I am taking a bit more than usual of meds.... not knowing if it's a cold on top of allergies.... or really insane allergies. If something looks off in the recipe.... tell me! My brain is a jumbled mess!

Here it is! Another of my very favorite recipes!!! Not only is the recipe easy.... but it is a fantastic stress reliever!! I got it from my sister and we LOVE it!!!

So. You need:
Ritz crackers
cheese sliced or shredded - swiss or mozza ( I use mozza. cause I'm lazy and we always have it around)
ham - I have tried reg ham, honey and black forest. It's all good!
chicken breasts
herb and garlic cream cheese. VERY IMPORTANT. This is the secret weapon ;)

oven. you'll need it on. 375 does it!

now first. grind up those ritz crackers. however. I put them in a food chopper.
put them in a bowl big enough for you to roll the chicken round to get all covered in the cracker bits bits.

next up. eggs. take the yolks only (do what you want with the whites lol) stir em up in a bowl big enough the dip the chicken breasts in.

and now. cheese. put an amount you think you will use on a plate. I do this because your hands get raw chicken grubby and you don't want to be breaking to wash your hands to get cheese all the time!

SECRET WEAPON. put some of the cream cheese on a plate. Same reason as the other cheese getting a plate. You are going to spread the cream cheese on raw chicken. You really want to be washing knives all day or pulling out new one when you need more cream cheese from the tub?

and the chicken. HELLO AND YAY FOR STRESS RELIEF!!!!! Take the chicken one piece at a time. Put it in a ziplock bag, or cover it with wax paper, or even paper towel and grab your *meat tenderizer* and yes a friend told me that is the right name :) and smash it. Till you feel better. But if you're not feeling better and you've smashed THROUGH the meat... you should probably stop. And grab a drink. Maybe you want to make it a double ;)

Now you are ready to assemble.

Grab your chicken pieces. Ugly side up. (You all know what I mean)
Spread some cream cheese on it. I use A LOT.
Then add some ham.
Top with cheese.
Roll up and stick some toothpicks in it.
Cover said chicken piece in egg yolk.
Then roll it round in the cracker crumb bits.

Put it on the tray. Continue on until you are done all your chicken. Pop in oven for 40-45 min. and BRING ON THE YUM!!!

*For 3 chicken breasts I used about 10 crackers, 3 TBSP cream cheese, 6 slices of ham, 1 cup shredded cheese (maybe 3/4)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

365 day 239 oh how I love my job! | Calgary family photographer

After 2 reschedules thanks to mother nature I finally got to meet up with a totally awesome family.
They were so much fun and I totally loved getting to know them and hang out with them in such a beautiful park. On what turned out to be one of the best days we coul have hoped for!
If it weren't for the 8 956 238 and a half mosquitoes it would have been perfectly pleasant!

Thanks so much for letting me have the pleasure of photographing your beautiful family!

Here is a little sneak :)

Seriously AWESOME picture. A dad and his lil man.

Never fear.... I have loads of you all looking.... this one just happened to be my favorite... everyone is so engaged in what others are talking about ;) Could this family be any more beautiful! COME ON!

Little E was just up for the challenge of getting his pics DONE!! I do have some little miss B as well... there are lots more to come!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

365 day 238 let's talk about the freak storm | Calgary photographer

7:12pm last night... FINALLY sitting down to try and get my blog post down. I see a FB status saying their street was getting flooded. Look outside and think 'REALLY?' and get to work.

At this point Ro is now crying so I go up and try to get him to sleep. He finally gives in. Back at my table (yes - still the kitchen one) at 7:30.

All of a sudden the wind is whipping around. At 7:40 Blinds are banging and upstairs doors are slamming. I rush upstairs and close the kids windows are ours (the wind almost slammed ours sut right on me it was so crazy). Ran back downstairs and try to shut the one on the main floor. And I can't. It's off it's track. Run downstairs to get Dion to shut the window. He's all ok ok in a minute.... stupid window. (happens all the time) I come back upstairs and WHAM. Hail EVERYWHERE. I can't see out the windows at all. Complete whiteout. I run back downstairs yelling at Dion to GET UP HERE NOW. So he closes the window and we both just watch. INSANE. Could see anything.... anywhere. But the noise - oh the noise. It was deafening. I even grabbed the camcorder!
It was over pretty quick. At 7:54 Dion went back to his game downstairs and I grabbed the camera as the hail had stopped and it was just raining. I opened the front door and was immediately soked. Carpet, me, the walls, the floor, everything. SOAKED. The rain was coming directly in our house. So I slammed the door. Looked out the window. And saw.............

The street. OMG. The street? Where is our tree??? Our big beautiful street blocking evergreen? The one that had been doing poorly but we thought we were saving???? Why oh why am I seeing the STREET from our window?????
felling sick I opened the door again. And yep. There was our tree. SNAPPED. Luckily it missed our house, our vehicles, and the newighbours house. Who, btw, where standing at THEIR windows mouthing 'PHEW' and wiping their brows.

I ran down to get Dion and then went out to take pictures. I was soaked... but I did it. Then the rain stopped.  And it was gorgeous out! And all out neighbours came out. Dion called the news. Who did take pictures. Noone could believe the storm that ripped through here. Noone. Our street was flooded. Our sidewalk gone. And our tree snapped.

Then I came in. And the sirens started. Ongoing all night. Which woke the kids. So I spent the night with Ro.
In the morning I drove through Shawnessy and saw a HUGE tree that must have hit their house but not gone through. Shawnessy was in tatters and people were out cleaning. On my walk through Somerset though - you could barely tell a storm came through. AGAIN I SAY - Calgary has the WEIRDEST weather!!!

We almost always miss all the exciting storms. That will be all for my complaining of that. I mean really - there was not even any thunder or rain!!!! And our tree is gone. So the storms can hold off for a while. I'm good :)

Today Dion cut up the tree. So so sad. I can't stand looking out that front window. I want a beautiful tree. I don't want people seeing in my house. And that one was prob 20 yrs old. The kids thought it was pretty fun to watch Dion cutting the tree though. There is always an upside ;)

So now. What do we plant? We can't get rid of the stump.... so prob not another evergreen. We want something that grows fast and tall. but not one single tree to go in the center of the ring - if you know what I mean!!!!

When I thought it was safe to open the front door (after the insane winds and hail had stopped and I could see to the street) to snag a pic. MISTAKE!

Once the rain was bearable I went out. So rare our street floods like this. And now it has happened twice in weeks!

That circle is the street hole thingy that I can't think of the word right now. CRAZY! (Rohan is up and I have no time to think on it lol) It was a little whirlpool going nowhere!

The calm after the storm. It was beautiful out!

Now we KNOW we probably couldn't have saved this tree no matter how hard we were trying this year. Seriously... what the heck is this green thing wrapped around the trunk????

Hail that was left when it was safe for me to take a few more pics. The rain really had me worried for my camera!

No really kids. Pull up a chair. Sit and relax as looooooong as you want ;)

Here it goes..... he cut it ALL down!!!

Our new street view. *SOB*

365 day 237 lolipop lolipop | Calgary childrens photographer

Yesterday was insane. I had NO TIME. Seriously NO TIME.
Kade has definitely hit the threes with a vengance. Three is so far my absolutely my most hated age. HATE IT. They are on the cusp of understanding while staying on the verge of toddler temper tantrums and toddler thinking.


For them and for the parents. I seriously wish there was a fast forward button just to get through it. To where they turn into a real person.

Bedtime has turned into HELL. And we really just got out of that with Rohan. Those few months of smooth bedtime seem to be slipping away quickly. And we are not sure what to do about that!
It is all fighting and yelling and screaming and time outs and locked doors. It usually ends in Kade being locked in her room and us listening to her scream until she falls asleep against the door.
Tonight as an added bonus she added a rousing remix. It was a rendition of 'I HATE MOMMY' mixed with banging on her door. Isn't being a mom so awesome sometimes?????

I HAD to update this... after posting Kadence woke up. Crying. Screaming 'I want Daddy'. Well he's outside working. So she had me. I went in and found sometime during her performance she had taken her jammies and diaper off. So she woke in a huge puddle o pee. so I cleaned her up. Got her ready for bed. And then. It started all.over.again. The screaming. The tantrums. SO OVER IT!!!!
Then I caught Rohan in the bathroom. Shaving his face. WITH A REAL RAZOR. He must have lifted it rom our bathroom. This is me cuddling up in the fetal position praying for it to end.

Anyways.... back to the point. Yesterday bedtime was again dragged out for hours. As I finally sat at the computer to get to work something strange happened and a storm rolled in. THAT will be my next post ;) The one that is really for today.

But due to the storm and kids waking up I didn't get to post this. So So cute a few hours before bedtime!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

365 day 236 beautiful ones | Calgary photographer

Today we had to say good-bye to my mom.
As a celebration of her last day we all (Jenny's family and mine.minus Dion.he had to work.) went up to Kananaskis. Which, from previous posts, you prob know is one of my very most favorite places to be. I have so many great pics to go through.... but I did get a sweet deal today!!!
Troy's girls were there - and they were totally hamming it up for my camera. I am just going to say. It is SO FUN to photograph older ones.... ones that love the camera and WANT their picture taken. Instead of these preschoolers of mine..... there was no wrangling or bribing needed!!

It also doesn't hurt that they are gorgeous and have a very fun spirit. They made today really fun.

So thanks girls... my camera loves you and can't wait for our real shoot! And hopefully it will be out of the full sun ;) Sorry I know they are mostly the same comp.... but I love them!!! I love random goodness!

365 day 235 Dutch Blitz!!!!!!! with a newborn;) | Calgary photographer

I can NOT believe I forgot about this game!!!! Can NOT!!! I grew up with it and it is hands down one of the funnest (yes it IS a word) games to play EVER.
As Troy said last night.... if you don't have any enemies in real life - just play this game!

It is intense and moves at an absurdly fast pace. The perfect game!!! Did I mention intense?

The deck we played with forever was tattered, cards all falling apart.... that is what I remember most of the game. The well used cards and all the fun, screaming, and laughter.

It was a smashing good time. The more people you have the more hectic and intense the game is. so with 6 people we were having a great time!!!

So fun. So. so. FUN!!!

Just as I was saying Jenny these cards are too new... they need to be broken in.... she got totally into the next round and dumped her drink ALL over K and T. Hahahahaha. As you can tell - we all thought is was hysterical! And all drinks were moved out of harms way.

Can you see her hand? All ones and a 4. Cheater ;)

And lil baby Riley was sooooo good. He slept through most of the yelling, the screaming, the crying (ok there wasn't really crying). And when he was up it was adorable. He's getting so big. SO FAST.

Trying to get a smile....

And a smile. This would be the tail end of it lol. Hard to focus at night!

Heard daddy's voice and was really trying to find him!

Awwww grandma and baby moments.....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

365 day 234 it's hard to say good-bye | Clagary photographer

I moved here almost 10 years ago. 10 YEARS! I moved with no family, no friends, and big dreams.
Most of those dreams have come true and my sister did choose to move here. BUT I still miss my family and friends. Sometimes a little more than others.
And I miss them A LOT the moment they announce it's time to go. I miss not being able to call them up and visit. Or go out shopping. All the little things. I really miss that my kids can't see my parents whenever they want. Or their uncles. I miss the beach, the bbq's, and drooling over Bev's shoes. I miss hanging out with friends and the laid back lifestyle.

It sucks. But I love Alberta. I am not won over with Calgary - but Alberta I really love. And Dion does not love winter. So here we stay. And here we sit missing people after they leave from a great visit. Knowing there will always be more visits! But never enough for me! So people.... come out and visit. Now. Or tomorrow. I need to clean today ;)

One set of parentals left yesterday. They never stay for long.... but we miss them all the same :)

Drive safely!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

365 day 233 beware the bikers | Calgary family photographer

Today I wanted to get some pictures of my parents. (dad and Bev) Although they come out fairly often, I don't get many shots or get to take them many places. Of course this is true for all our family that visits!!!! So I wanted to make sure I got some this visit.
So I took them over to the old barn. YES.... it is still standing!!! They haven't done anything to it yet - I am really hoping it stands for another year. I love that place!!!

My parents are huge bikers. Well they are not huge - but they are REALLY into biking! They have done a few bike trips through the states, and across the provinces. This trip they went from Manitoba to Vancouver Island and back through here before heading home tomorrow. They have sooo many funny stories (they go with a group of bikers) and totally have us cracking up with their stories. Biking has become a huge part of their lives.

So naturally..... I wanted bike shots. It was soo much fun! I hope I get to do this type of shooting again.... so many ideas and the pictures are so cool! I have a ton to go through.... something really different than normal. Rohan and Kade are really into the bike too. Kade more than Ro surprisingly. She would wander off all on her own and hop on the bike. She was VERY disappointed that grandpa had the foresight to remove the key lol. She was intent on starting it up.
And these helmets.... well they weigh as much as her lol. And she was carrying it around and trying it on. We may be in trouble with this kid!

I love this!

There are NO WORDS to say how much I love this pics. None.

They do border on crazy ;)

She was off on her own... in her own little world. And loving it!

One of the cutest things ever. That helmet is pretty heavy for her little body!

Bobble head.

We're laughing pretty hard when it fell off. She's all 'what'?

After climbing up with grandpa once he was apparently VERY confident to go up alone. As he did. Without telling anyone. And then did it once more to prove how capable he was. So to the families I photographed there before - sorry. There was a ladder. It just took someone who was 'in the know' about barns lol. My dad found it no problem!

And then I hooked up with my mom and took the kids and nephews (and a dayhomie) to the park. It is very different having both parentals in visiting at the exact same time! So she was hard at work on swing duty. again. bet she won't miss that!!! They NEED a button to get the swings swinging by themselves. Too much work!

Keagan. One day I AM going to get my revenge on you. And you know what I'm talking about ;) Lucky for you..... I will love you no matter what. One day the story of what happened to you at the park today.... will be enough revenge if I tell it in front of the 'right' people!!!


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