Monday, March 1, 2010

365 day 107 | Calgary children's photographer

I am sooooo tired. I stayed up late last night working. Then I was calling it quits this crazy movie came on. And I got sucked in to watching it!!! So I am trying to finish this session... but need to go to bed!!!

Today was very strange. Rohan slept all night in his own bed and woke up happy. He has been doing so good for a while... we have been really diligent in handing out his checks for following our rules and he has really had some most excellent days. But today was an exception.

He threw a hige tantrum today before school. So big I was wondering if he was going to get there. You see the little baggie that holds his markers for the color explosion sheets broke. AND THE WORLD ENDED FOR ROHAN. I couldn't talk to him, pick him up, anything. By the end of it if someone had been listening they prob would have wondered WHO threw the biggest tantrum Rohan or mommy. But really all I wanted to do was get hime OUT to school hahahahahaha.

When I picked him up he was really tired. REALLY tired. He told me he was tired when I asked what was wrong so I knew it was going to be a rough afternoon. Daddy was home today.. so that was fun! But it ended in meltdown after meltdown.

And I am here to tell you.... HOT WHEELS are the devil in disguise. He really wanted these color changing hot wheels. He had gotten way more checkmarks than we had put out as his goal so we went to get them today. (it's been three weeks of counting checks!) and man oh man. It was messy. and wet. and the kids fought over it like crazy! I wanted to chuck it about 5 min after having it set up. Just so you all know!

No.... she shouldn't be doing this. But I had my camera right there... and love how small she looks. So I snapped it and told her to GET DOWN!

waiting on the assembly of the hot wheels thingy. It took 4 people and one set of instructions and a bit of trial and error to get it working right. LOOk at that kids SMILE!

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  1. Beautiful one of Kade! Wow! I love the light from the window!



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