Monday, February 15, 2010

365 day 95 Vday fun | Calgary photographer

Happy day after Valentines day lol!!! Rohan was incredibly sick last night... so after a trip to grandmas I went to bed with him. So no time for posting!
He was coughing so bad last night I was kind of worried to leave him on his own. I tried taking him outside... which he thought was AWESOME and we had some fun chatting. Then we went back to bed. Where he immediately was coughing all over again. So I thought (and after a few friends mentioned) why not try the old steam standby. So off to our bathroom where I ran hot water for a few minutes shower mode and he took an incredible turn for the worse. Bolting out of there.
Back to bed. Saying... I'm sorry none of your ideas are working mommy. So cute! So I cranked his window open and slept in the cold with him. He was awake, then light sleeping all night and crying a ton. I wanted to cry too! He was also complaining of being really hot, ripping clothes off, but he did not really even feel warm. It was really a very messed up night.
He is still coughing and I just was up there because he is crying again complaining of being hot.
I am just really really over this winter. We have not had a chance to enjoy it all since New Years. OVER IT! I just can't believe this has even happened? It has been over a month since I have seen a few of my friends!!

Anyways... it was vday yesterday. Have I mentioned how romantic my honey is? Oh I must have forgotten too.... nope he's just not lol. So my vday was not any different than any other day. Believing SOMEONE should have one... I made sure to get my MIL some gorgeous flowers and got the kids and Dion cards. Which they loved :)

I took some shots of the flowers... they were so pretty!! And in Dion's defense... I always said I hated flowers. Until a few years ago. And was never a big Vday person either. Still am not too much.... but it IS a woman's perogative to change her mind isn't it??? And don't they just have to live with that?????

I loved the light making a haze over the rose.... so pretty!

This is what I would call a clean edit on a softer focus ;)

This is my fave.... some texture and haze.... ah a sweet rose!


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