Friday, May 28, 2010

365 day 181 | Calgary children's photographer

Nephew day!!!!!
I was totally unprepared for the events that transpired today. I went to bed feeling pretty awful. Not to mention I went to bed with my 4 yr old who is experiencing pretty intense nightmares and had woken up again around midnight. Which meant I had to do everything I could NOT to breathe on him... so far only Kade and I have the sickness and I do NOT want him getting it!!!
Poor kid apparently did not get much sleep thanks to me being sick... so we both lost out! I guess I was having a rough sleep talking and coughing... he kept waking me up asking what I had just said to him.
ANYWAYS... I got up and just completely felt awful. Cracked out the soda crackers and water and Ro brought me a bucket. He is such a good lil guy when you aren't feeling well!

Then I went and checked the pics I had put up the night before on the blog.... and became worried. There was something *off* with the colors.... which made me haul myself over to the laptop and try to figure out what was going on. I had told C she could pick up her pics today and was now totally worried. It didn't take long to figure out that I had switched color profiles to send in biz cards and had made her pics CMYK as well! And those will not print well :( So I converted them all and went to burn the disc.
FOR THE SECOND time... I could NOT get the computer to recognize the disc drive! This is becoming increasingly frustrating... not to mention she was on her way and I was beginning to lose my mind!

And this is where I say - I am a PC longing to be a MAC. Let the penny pinching begin!

So C came and I had to ask her into my house full o germies and pray noone caught anything while I  hooked my external hard drive into the dinosaur computer downstairs to burn the disc. Good news... it worked. She has her beautiful pics. Bad news.... poor C had to see me without makeup!
Then I rushed Ro to get ready for school.... and took Keag and Kade to Chapters to let them play for a bit. Starting to feel better.......

Came home, cleaned up, fed the kids, greeted the big kids.....and spent the day reading to them and hanging out.

What is it about fresh air? I did feel much better after stepping out. Thank goodness! And what is it with my kids? They are completely eating me out of house and home and falling asleep seconds after tucking them in..... I think a growth spurt is coming on!!!

These two are so much fun when it is just the two of them. They just crack each other up.  I love it! And yes we all still love him DESPITE the shirt he came wearing ;)

the sweetest session EVER. Literally. | Calgary baby, children's photographer

Hands down. A super sweet session. This was a 4 month baby session and a 3 yr session all rolled into one and topped off with a delicious cupcake! Well... I take it from how much little Miss G loved it it was delicious :)

C had wanted some pretty fun pics of her kids and came well prepared with props, stuffies and fav books! Which made my day as much as hers :) It is super fun to work with C.... I am so glad she had me take some more pics for her :)

And here she has been waiting FOREVER to see them.... and now she will have them tomorrow! IF the weather could cooperate with us. Just for a bit!

So here are a few sneaks.... I just love the cupcake shots!

Seriously... SO CUTE!!!!!

I forget what her mom was telling her here... I think we were trying to get her to smile before she really got into it. Yep - she was not impressed with our interruptions!

Not my typical shot..... but this was the 2nd time ever he rolled over! And mom didn't have a camera ready in time the first time... and didn't have one at my house either!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

365 day 180 let it snow.... | Calgary photographer

First off... this is not a post of shock. Or complaint. I have lived here for 9 years. If in 9 years of living you can not grasp the crazy weather we go through here sometimes... you should move ;)
It always amazes me the shock and outrage and yes suprise when snow makes an appearance here later in *spring*. It also makes me laugh. Because well.... it is not worth it to get upset over the weather. Not to me! Not to mention the fact that I really love snow. I don't love like -30 plus a windchill and shovelling 3 feet... I am NOT insane... but a gorgeous pretty snowfall when it is pretty warm outside and you know it is just going to melt right away - BRING IT ON. Not to mention it makes great photos... and my kids go nuts for the stuff.

Anyways... to get back on to the topic ;) It snowed here. And it's pretty. I wanted to take some pics and turn them a little more artsy..... LOVE THEM.

She thought sandals were a good idea. I told her they weren't. She didn't listen. I wasn't going to argue. She lasted about 45 seconds.

This kid loves snow.

Did I mention he loves it? The things kids do......

My grandma used to have tons of tulips. You would think growing up seeing them I would know this - they open during the day when it is warm and close at night. Or when it is too cold. I want my flower beds to have tons of tulips. They are gorgeous. Maybe this one will cause more to shoot up next summer!

Well the grass will love this snow!

365 day 179 indoor games | Calgary photographer

Just doing a little catch up. I have a few days to make up for. Not that I didn't snap... I just didn't post.
When you're sick... you're just sick. And that's all there is to it :)

On the weekend we went to gram's. As usual a great time was had by all. After all.... who doesn't love a good game of lining up dominos and then knocking them over! OK... it may be a little trickier than that with little kids. They sure DO NOT have the patience to wait to knock them over! You may be able to see Gram had to restrain Kade lol.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

365 day 179 a family affair | Calgary family photographer

And what a family!!! This one a big shoot for me! It is rare that I shoot larger families so I had the familiar knot in my stomache driving to the gorgeous location I had just found today! Seriously... the bigger the group the more I stress.

This family was totally awesome! It was a friends extended family... and they were really fun to be out with! We got some great shots and the day turned out perfectly.

Thanks for the times.... here is just a teeny sneak... Kade is up with a cold and I have also been hit with it. Could def use some neo citrin here. STAT. Tomorrow is going to be a write off I can already tell.

She is sooo pretty... she has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen!!!!

Another gorgeous girl..... this family is full of beauties! We caught the light just right here.... swoon :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

365 day 178 | Calgary children's photographer

OK OK I am a few days late. The sickness brought me down. Just not feelin it.
However..... I went to a new spot (to me) in Fish Creek Park (you may have noticed it is my very fav place to be in Calgary lol) with a friend and our kids.

THE.PERFECT.SPOT. Can't wait to shoot there!!!

My friends little sweetie let me take some pics... and I just fell in love. SWOON.

If you want a gorgeous outdoor session in a park with a few buildings.... I know the place!

Here are a few randoms... she is so pretty. I was playing peek a boo with the sun while chasing after kids AND trying to take some pics... so there are some blown areas and stuff going on... but I really wanted to show how gorgeous this place is!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

365 day 177 | Calgary children's photographer

I had the best of the best intentions today. Yesterday the forecast said it was going to rain today. And by the looks of the sky this am I was inclined to, for once, completely agree. I also wanted to finish up some work today. With Dion working almost every minute of every day (ummm I forget what a ong weekend actually means anymore!) I keep running into time problems. It is hard to get your kids to just be on their own and get work done!
So I thought, well I am going to take them to the park and tire them RIGHT out before it rains, rent them some movies and get back home to work. I invited my nephews too... our kids play so well together I knew it was a good idea.

It started out fine.... I have not been feeling very good the past couple of days so I was also hoping to not to have to do too much lol. The kids played and played. It was cold - poor Jax ended up in Kade's pink coat! But they had tons of fun. But I was really not feeling good. I took them to Blockbuster and got a couple movies, then to Starbucks - kids hot chocolate for Ro and apple juice for Kade and they felt like it was a pretty special day! But I was feeling worse.
We got home and I got them lunch and their movies and settled in. And ended up crashing on the couch with Kade. So we hung out all afternoon. Kade isn't feeling all the great either. She fell asleep sitting with me.

And wouldn't you know it? Not a drop of rain all day. In fact we saw some sunshine AND it warmed up. Glad they had fun at least!

So my apologies to anyone waiting for a reply or work.... I am hoping to be back at it tomorrow and get it all done!

Kadence is a swing hater. These are new at the park. And she could have spent the whole day on them. She LOVED them. Told daddy she wants him to her on the saucers at the park. So cute! From this... she actually moved on the the real swings! And swung on them. AND smiled. That is progress people!

My model for the day. He loves my camera. I love him. It's win win ;)

365 day 176 what happens when I don't feel good | Calgary children's photographer

I force the kids to stay inside (it WAS windy out though and not overly warm) and feed them sugar!!!!!!
One day they will love my sick days!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

365 day 175 what babies really think of me | Calgary baby photographer

I know my kids think I am the coolest mom on the planet. Always wanting to be with me... hanging off every word.. you know cause kids think their moms are the coolest. (totally cracking up here!) I always wonder what OTHER people's kids think of me. Especially babies. I'm always in their face, saying their name, singing (poor little babies), making weird noises and clicking the shutter.

Today... I got some awesome examples of what they truly do think of me ;) And just how much they look forward to hanging with me!

Who this little angel???? For real... those were the ONLY two pics I got of him not smiling! Such a happy little guy and he just eats the camera up!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

365 day 174... every night | Calgary children's photography

Kade's bed rail was talen off a couple weeks ago. She was using it to climb on and I was scared it was going to snap on her.
About a week after she started doing something very strange. She doesn't normally fall out of bed.... but now around 11 every night I hear a soft thud followed by footsteps then silence. I go upstairs and find her laying on the floor sleeping. Sometimes by her door, sometimes by her bed. VERY strange.

And looky looky what we have here!!! I am sooooo excited to have this show up in my flower bed. Do you know? I'll post pics of it open tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

365 day 173 best water gun!! | Calgary children's photographer

So we spent the majority of the day out at Gram's. Kade and I went to meet up with friends at Playtopia (the best play place ever) and Ro went for a bike ride with Gram in the morning. Then we all hung at Gram's pretty much all day. The kids were so tired out I didn't even want to think about the drive home then getting them fed and in the bath and bedtime... so we walked over to Walmart and bought some pjs and bath soap (for Ro's crazy skin lol), then bathed the kids fed them and we hightailed it home.
And now it is 11 and Rohan is here beside me.... no Glee for me tonight :( He has an insane cough... no fun poor guy :(

Anyways... when Gram took Ro out they went and bought these super awesome backpack water guns. Well she got one and then a reg old pumper gun for Kade. Which I broke almost immediately. And Kade couldn't really use anyways. So it got returned and Kade got the backpack gun *just wike wowan* as Kade says. And yes - that IS her fav line!

These guns are too much fun. The kids had a blast. They are at Canadian Tire :) Go get some - the weather was made for these things! And now I am off for some little boy snuggles. Although he plans on watching Diego which he has now proclaimed as of this moment is his very favorite show. um hmmmm

Coolest water guns EVER.

Their grandma is a much better sport than me!!! Rohan SOAKED her! And look at Kade....

See! She is a happy lil girl!

The look on her face here kills me. hahahahaha

Monday, May 17, 2010

365 day 172 the fun stops here | Calgary children's photograher

I knew the crazy excitement would wear thin on all of us soon. We try to do everything outside when it is nice... but I am so burnt. And the kids are burnt out. Kade fell asleep on the couch with me immediately after finishing supper. I took her upstairs, changed her, put a diaper on her and put her in bed. She never blinked!
Both kids were just off today. Not listening, fighting, crying.... it was just one of those days.

This was them. Turning their backs to me. wonder what they were talking about.

Yep that's them. Super happy.

It got even BETTER ;)

But seriously.... don't you just love her shoes!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

365 day 171 kananaskis love | Calgary children's photographer

Once again a trip out to one of the most beautiful places in Alberta. It has been amazing to be able to get out in some pretty perfect weather the last week.

We went out and had a family picnic (minus daddy. it will sure be nice to have him around again. whenever that may be!!! he is working all the time!) to Kananaskis. There was the best company, fun food, bubbles, the lake.... even got to see some scuba divers! Perfect day. Then we hit Bragg Creek for some ice cream (Rohan will never let us pass there again since he learned they have the BEST ice cream!) and made our way home.

And now I am soaking in aloe vera as is Ro.... we are BURNT!!!!

Another great day. I love summerish weather! But I am totally up for a veg day tomorrow. Is it wrong to veg out if the weather is nice out?????

I'm not sure if you noticed this through all my pics..... these kids have a thing for throwing rocks into water. Could last all day if we wanted it to!

HAHA.... totally looks like that rock she threw is going to hit him. It didn't.

Bubble fun :)

Guess what she just tasted!!!!

Gram sending the bubbles out.....

Rohan chasing after them. Best way to play with bubbles!



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