Tuesday, February 9, 2010

365 day 88 | under the weather again

It seems we just can not get a break this winter. Last winter around Christmas time we were sick from Christmas until Feb. THIS was the worst part of it. This winter same thing different year, different viruses.
we have been through the flu twice, sinus colds and now some weird cold has taken over. Bringing with it extremely high fevers, disturbing coughing, body aches and little to no sleep especially for mommy!!!

I am not sure why this is happening. I actually am one of the few people that doesn't mind winter. Especially here lol. Winter is a lot different here than at home. The chinooks I could most definitely live without.
I am not a germ phobe, but do wash my hands frequently....as do my kids. ESPECIALLY Rohan - he a a handwashing guru. But last year and this year Jan has proven especially difficult. This year spilling into Feb.
I do believe people need to get sick to build their immune system.... I just wish we wouldn't have to catch EVERY STINKIN bug out there! And.... my kids only want to share germies!!!!

So the other day (Sunday when I meant to post this) both kids crashed. Kade crashed on the couch, which since she has been sick is becoming the norm. Ro was sent to bed as he was tired and too grouchy - I couldn't stand him another minute. Where he fell asleep. He didn't even want to get up when I woke him!!!

I know it's serious when they sleep in the day. I mean it's such a rare ocassion. And then all I worry about is bedtime!!!!!!! Will they go? Will they sleep? Or will they ruin our quiet kidless time? Is it really worth it? So I get NO rest if they sleep hahahahahaha.
Fortunately sickness and not getting much sleep won and they went to bed just fine after this.


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