Thursday, May 21, 2009

as promised... another beautiful little boy!

This little guy was probably one of the strongest newborns I have seen.

When Rohan was born he lifted his head up and looked at me. This newborn wast just like that - tough!!! He wanted none of my posing - he was alert and holding his head up like a trooper. He finally fell asleep after a few hours.... just in time for me to go!!!

He was just so cute... can't wait to see him again!! And his sister is just gorgeous.... and will model hats!!! He is another *C* baby.... I've had three in a row!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!!

This is my very favorite picture from this session. I love it!

It may not be the best pic with a soother... but it captures him and I just love those little bitty feet!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

another cute little newborn!!!

Well.... I have two newborn sessions still on the go!
Both of them are almost ready to go. Thanks to the moms for their patience with me. Not only did they suffer through the painfully slow process of my taking pics, but my equally slow process of editing them.
I want them to look as perfect as I know how to as of yet - which takes me alot of time. Although having these two little boys sessions has given me a great deal of editing knowledge - especially with their little boy *parts* LOL!!!!
These sessions also taught me a little about patience.... neither one of them was into the deep sleeping, foldable baby zone!!! They both wanted to catch every last piece of action. They also wanted to pee all over everything LOL! I need to get me some more practice!!!!
So here is one of the two - the whole session will be ready for mom tomorrow!!!! The other session will be up by Wed - I promise!!!

As both boys start with a *C* - this is a little cutie from Strathmore!!!! He is a total cutie and had these eyes... fo a newborn they were so clear, he just loved looking around!!! Very beautiful baby with a super patient mom... we were waiting patiently for him to fall asleep - and in so doing found out we are both from the same small town in MB. IMAGINE!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

a new toy...... WOOHOO I LOVE new toys

So...... while I totally LOVE my 50mm - I am constantly running out of room indoors with it.
I do not have a full frame camera, so a 50mm is more like 75 - which means you gotta back WAY up! And when I'm taking pics on seamless you have to move the subjects pretty far away from the seamless. Which translates to space issues. With little C (pics next post) I could have taken the pics outside I was crammed into the corner of my living room wishing I could be on the other side of the glass LOL.

I now have a tamron 28-75 2.8. Which will forever be called my Tammy. She is purdy and sharp - but needs to build a closer relationship with my camera haha. Still not quite getting the results I hopw for... but every once in awhile she blows me away, so I know it's in there!!!

Once I get used to it LOOK out - here comes some SHARP focus!!!

My kids have not wanted to play yet - so here are some outdoor shots. Look at the clarity.... BEEEEAUTIFUL! (excuse the vignetting on the edges - I don't have the proper hood so I was using my kit lens one. Caused a little vignetting.)

meet C the happiest 6 month old on the planet!!!

I had the huge pleasure of photographing little C and his beautiful sister.
He was so happy it was ridiculous!!! He has this smile that can light up a room, and his eyes are totally amazing. He was up for anything I could throw at him.... I have tons of fun plexiglass pics... but I put in just a couple to start.
Hope you enjoy!!!!!
also.... please excuse any color weirdness that may occur looking at the photos :) I've been playing around with color management files because I'm not happy how washed out my photos look on the web. The system I've been trying does not appear to work as well as I hoped - some of these pics still look PRETTY washe out to me :( Good news is they print FANTASTIC!!!! It's just on the web I'm having trouble.




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