Tuesday, April 28, 2009

meet a gorgeous newborn!!!

This little princess is just one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!!! She was so quiet, and let mommy and I try posing her in many different ways.
Thank you Tina and family for giving me this opportunity!!! I have learned so much from this and really lucked out with getting a cooperative baby on the first try!!!!
Here are some sneak peaks..... I am about half way through and have found MANY favorites!!!

under construction

So I'm delving into the world of HTML and trying to customize blogs.
It is very confusing, and time consuming, but hopefully in the end it will be worth it!
I am trying to learn so that I can create a professional blog in the near future...... so this one is my guinea pig!!! This site will be changing alot, so some of the older posts will look a little wonky until I have to to go back and reedit them!
Here are some pictures of the last snowstorm - April 22. Exactly one day after all our snow FINALLY melted and Dion had gone and power raked the yard. That day was so much fun! As you can see by the pics though - snow still brings joy to my child's eyes!!! I love it too, so I'm not going to complain. It is probably one of my fav things to photograph. Fresh snow. Magical. But.... I would really like summer to come too :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

sunset pictures of my parents.....

YAY!!! Finally some sunset pictures. My parents are out for a visit, and I just love having models around! We took off after supper to try out these type of pics. It was my very first attempt - but really like how they turned out!

Ask them to take some nice romantic sunset shots and this is what you get LOL. They are so much fun!

OK - not a pic of a sunset - but we had ALOT of fun taking some shots beforehand :)

a nice day... urban feel.... my first self made textures!

The snow is finally melting!!! Gram and I packed the kids up for a fun day with the kids. We checked out a couple small towns and the kids had so much fun! We hit some parks, walked the main streets and had the best ice cream in High River.

I was basically checking out some locations. I want to try the *urban* photos I keep seeing everywhere. I love them! So I'm putting up a few attempts. We found this great old building with red peeling paint - AWESOME!
I also wanted to try making my own textures. I took some really great pics and edited them to make the texture pics. Although I do really love them, I'm still tweaking them to get them working right. But I'm throwing the pics into the mix because it's fun and funky. kind of neat to put textures on pics that were taken from the places we were at :)

Of course we were out midday so I don't have many pics to choose from - full sun and shadows does not make for ideal settings lol! Of course I have alot of fun snapshots from the day :)
I am so glad spring is here! It was so nice to get out and play all day. For all of us!

Trying out some sunflare action. I have many ideas for this fun stuff!

This door makes Kade look so tall LOL. The handle was really low. She was having a blast! The first pic is with some texture. peeling paint off another bulding. The second one of course has none. I did the second one first and now wish I had brightened it more - I like the bright look that texture gave the door!

Thank goodness for grandmas! She was willing to strike some poses!

LOVE the second one. Beautiful!

This step was PERFECT! I was hoping to get some shots of Ro - but he wasn't it to it. And when he was.....
my camera magically changed one of the settings and royally messed up some of pics. Thankfully I caught it before the day was over, but Ro's modelling moments were over by then LOL. The texture is from treebark!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

new blanket....and a bean bag EXPLOSION

Sooooooo I have been getting my props together for the upcoming newborn that is on his way.

I went and got a bean bag from Walmart. You know the kind you fill with the huge bags of beans?

Well let me tell you. The pic on the front of the girl happily filling the chair with no mess is so off base.

Plus there should be a warning to all that goes like this *DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FILL WITH THE HELP OF YOUR 3 YEAR OLD SON. IT WILL BE BAD. VERY BAD.*
Because it was. The little styro balls of full of static electricity. And they were EVERYWHERE. Rohan was dancing in them dragging them all over the house to *help* me LOL.

1.5 hours to clean up. SERIOUSLY. With Kade crying in her crib b/c I knew she would eat them. All of them. Those things literally JUMP off the dustpan. And adding insult to injury the clung to the broom HANDLE. Seriously, come on!!!! The went 1/2 way up the walls, when the door opened the would fly all over. Two days later we are still finding them (typically in Kade's mouth lol)

To clean them up I had to get Ro go around with a spray bottle full of water and spray them so I could actually sweep them up. Truly awful. Buy them stuffed if you can find them! Seriously.
Mine needs another bag but I don't wanna!!!!
I also got some new blankets. Gorgeous stuff.

So Rohan acted like my newborn haha so i could get some practice in and get a feel for how to shoot these shots.
This is him. I am going to have to keep working at it, they're not all I expected. But the blanket is gorgeous. It's like real animal hair - you can pet it. My kids want to keep it for themselves - but once it's washed it's OFF LIMITS!!!!

the last one....

I have finally gotten this pic to where I like it.
I was trying to get some sihouettes by the window. Then lens I was using just didn't quite cut it for the effect. I will try again!
but I loved this shot. It was such a nice moment for the three of them, and struggled in my limited pp knowledge to get something out of it. Petra had a nap and wsan't feeling well, so of the pics I had it was important to me to get something nice.

Anyways..... now we wait for baby. Come on baby!!!!!




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