Friday, April 30, 2010

365 day 157 here today gone tomorrow | Calgary children's photographer

And the snow is gone. The wind is still hanging around a little... but totally tolerable!
By the end of the day it was warm enough that I could take the kids out front to play with the chalk and just let them hang out.

Question: what brand and where are the best girls tights? Kadence goes through almost a pair every time she puts them on. Totally sick of it!!!!

Spring is definately starting to show up!!!!

365 day 156 holy WIND batman | Calgary photographer

I wanted so badly to get out and take pics SHOWING how bad the wind was. Once I finally had the courage to frag my kids outside though... I quickly realized that I had the wrong lens on. I just had no way to get the shutter speed slow enough as the highest app is 16. So then I tried to catch when the trees were all bending over from the wind... but once the wind got that strong I could barely stand still!!! My  hood was being whipped in my face and the camera strap would be all over the place... it was a sad attempt.
The wind was SO STRONG... it was hard to believe. I actually grabbed Kade at one point when I honestly thought she was going to be blown over.

Cars were left abandoned.....slides were blown over.....

Shopping carts were tossed around like toys..... strollers sat empty.

Our poor tree.... it looks Charlie Brownish enough (it does seem to be making a comeback this year - we totally thought it was a goner), but with the wind I thought the top was going to snap off!

WOW - after posting this pic I noticed some of our shingles are MISSING!!!!! EEEEEEEK!!! So I came back and added the zoom in. OH D will NOT be happy.

Seriously... how do the crows fly around and manage to sat on the branches? They sure were making a racket out there though.
After a day of snow, and a day of insane winds it was sure nice to see a beautiful sunrise today!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

365 day 155 what DID the school send home? | Calgary photographer

So the other day Rohan came home with a cup, some dirt, and he told me 3 seeds of some sort.
OK - let's see what happens. Well it has only been a few days... and now I pose the question... really what kind of seeds are in here?

I told Ro to ask his teacher today and he said she told him she didn't know lol.

So I guess we'll keep watering and putting it in the sun. Maybe Ro had told them how he had dug up a hole in the backyard and we needed new GRASS hahahaha.

I would show you the hole where we could plant this new grass..... but oh wait it's covered in.....

Yep... another blizzard like day here. So wet out my feet were soaked in seconds... the snow was so wet and heavy the car would be covered in slush in seconds. Crazy out there.... let's hope it helps out our water issues here!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

365 day 154..... I wonder where this road goes | Calgary photographer

Seriously. I want to know where it goes. If it is someone's or if it is even used anymore.
I found it out driving today and could barely contain my excitement. If my kids had not been sleeping in the car I so would have made them be little models in this place. It will be so perfect and pretty in the summer and fall!!!!

I love it! Love it. So does anyone know how I find out?? It's not really somewhere I want to drive my car just to *see* and I am too much of a chicken to go walking down it alone lol.

What I saw on the way home. Too funny... had to stop for the geese to cross lol.

Monday, April 26, 2010

365 day 153 the perfect morning | Calgary photographer

Finally some water droplet action!! OK all some of them are still half frozen and there was a slight bit of frost.... but this morning colors were gorgeous and I had some fun outside! I started out with my 28-75 as is is a macro, but throught I'd try my poor man's with my 50 and quickly ditched all the shots I had taken before. STILL DROOLING over macro lenses over here!!!!!!!!!!!

But everything was just perfect out this morning so I needed to share :)

a lil frost on my lilac bush!!!! Those are lilacs in the wahoooo!

And here is what happens when you send your daughter who has been tired and grouchy all day to time out in her room for dumping out half of the new bath soap. Seriously... the crying stopped after a few minutes, I finished putting Ro's laundry away and went to her room to put hers away and found......

OUT cold! Too bad it was almost supper time and I had to wake her up... only to listen to more crying because she just woke up!!!!!

365 day 152 focus and determination will get you everywhere | Calgary children's photographer

She is becoming so much like her brother. Dion today was like wow... she is becoming quite the perfectionist.
The focus and determination in this kid is unbelievable. So now we have to kids on the path to becoming annoyingly perfect lol. (and I do NOT mean their attitudes hahahaha)
Of course... the apple doesn't fall far. Dion has been working like crazy on a new business. To match the perfect colors. He has to be as perfect as possible in everything he does... and to not be perfect in it... well you better not bother! I am also partly to blame. Once I start something I will work and work getting it to *my* perfect.
So I guess they do come by it honestly. Doesn't make it any less annoying though!!!

And she is totally comical just like her brother. Will do anything to get a laugh! (trying out some more vintagy looks... wonder if I am going to figure out my style any time soon. I love to play around in PS)

Funny story of the day:
Kadence had a rough night last night. she got up around 10:30 and was up FOR HOURS. I brought her to bed with me and was in and out of sleep - but every time I checked she was awake. She did finally fall asleep but I am sure it must have been around 1am. I have no clue what was wrong, but she did sleep in until 8:30 today so it was serious! So today was definitely an off day. She was whiny and crabby, and seriously bugging her brother. We finally attempted taking them out in the pm, which was a disaster. On the way I had told Kadence... I am going to drop you off at the funny farm!
On the way home she was throwing a tantrum... didn't want daddy putting her in her seat... then when I went she didn't want me. Of course I forced her.... which started her screaming and crying "I don't want to go home!!!!" We had to get gas and pick up a movie I had preordered (AVATAR-yes we are addicts) so we went to do these 2 things with Kadence screaming. The entire time. Finally she blurted out " take me to the farm! I don't want to go home!" We laughed so hard when we finally figued out what she was saying. I mean I don't think she even knows what a farm is.... never mind remembering I had told her I would drop her off at the funny farm! If she only knew............

Saturday, April 24, 2010

365 day 151 seriously WHY | Calgary photographer

You know what makes me mad? Little things. Like going to a restaraunt and being told pop is free with a kids meal but apple juice costs XXXX (which FYI one glass was MORE than a litre at Walmart. sad but I do know the price. It was 1.27 at the Walmart in Okotoks last week.)

What else? Kids toys at fast food places. My kids are not really into junk food. They are pretty healthy eaters, and really love their veggies and fruits. I only know of a few they won't eat.  But... like everyone on the planet we are really busy and occasionally stop for Mcdonalds or something of the like.

Now we do have some kids that are not the norm. They do not get excited over it, do not ask for it on their own and always order the same thing. A grilled cheese kids meal. WHY? Because they actually do like the grilled cheese. Why the meal? It's definitely not for the fries - they barely touch them. Really they want the toys. It is the ONLY reason when we are out and ask what they want that they will get anything. They want those craptastic toys that should NEVER even be made.
Seriously. They are garbage. These cheapie toys that go in the garbage and of course take a bazillion years to break down. Why? What is the point? To bring in more kids? To make me have to order the meal knowing my kids will not eat the fries? And to make me have to order two - as each kid needs a toy? No fair.

NOT A FAN. Please stop giving toys with your meals. My kids would never even dream of wanting to go there at all, and how much garbage would be cut down on without them?


FYI... yes we went to McD's today. I had a few fries. Dion was NOT happy to share them. Even though it was only 3 or 4 LOL. I bought a weight watchers frozen meal and loaf of weight watchers bread for myself to eat at home. The meal wasn't bad. The bread tasted like cardboard.  If I am going to cheat on this semi-diet it will NOT be for McDonalds lol.

The Offenders

Seriously... these are hair clips! Broke two nails trying to open them. AS IF!

Rant over. I think this snow has done something to my happy!

365 day 150 | Calgary children's photographer

What I get when I try to take pictures and my daughter and nephew think they are being funny.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

365 day 149 my treadmill tried to kill me | Calgary family photography

Seriously... it tried to kill me. I am not sure why... maybe it was mad because I hadn't used it in so long.
I used to run on the treadmill tons. I really actually enjoyed it. Now every time I go to start again I am not sure why I am suprised just how hard it is to pick up where you left off!!!
Seriously.... you never know just how long 10 second are until you see them ticking off your clock while you are just wanting to roll over and pass out lol.

Not to mention going without pepsi. I miss it already. My love for water has not returned to me yet.

See.... seriously. it's trying to kill me. that really hurt. the workout I mean ;)

My beverage of choice all day and night......

ooooh water. totally exciting.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

365 day 148 the time has come | Calgary photographer

Well now.... I feel like a copycat hahaha. My cousin and I must share brains sometimes.
We have been discussing the weight issue recently. Well I discuss it with anyone that will listen lol.
And she started blogging about hers yesterday. I figured.... well may as well throw mine in too ;)

You know what the problem is when it comes to losing weight? The fact that you HAVE to stop eating junk. It just doesn't work any other way. This NEVER was really a problem with me before I had kids. Seeing me now it is hard to believe 10 years ago I was a total gym-a-holic. I was there every day for 2 hrs or sometimes more. I would KILL to have that body back!!

So..... for a while I would make a half hearted attempt... but then I had Rohan. I gained a TON with him. I thank Rohan for my addiction to chocolate. Never had one before him!  I lost about half the weight and BAM was pregnant again with Kadence. I have Kadence to thank for my addiction to pepsi. I never drank pop before really. Unless it was 7-up with some vodka! I lost the weight from Kade super quick... but still had the extra from Ro left! And now... there has been some added. Booooo to me!

My problem is... my addictions and my chosen business! I spend a good chunk of time working on my computer. I am constantly learning about photography, starting a small business, SEO, spending time in forums... editing, updating, my own personal stuff. It all adds up to a lot of time on my butt! This plus my eating habits... plus having kids and not making working out time has ummmm changed my look.

Every once in a while you hit a point in your life when you make a decision. One you are going to to stick with. Usually you need to make a few of these every once in a while. It warmed up here. Summer weather. See where I'm going with this? Shorts. t-shirts. no hoodie covering up the mid sections. no pant covering up the legs.... seriously. Realizing that scared the heck out of me!!

Here's mine. 20lbs. 6 weeks. with a pic of me to prove it!
I will post updates here and there. Just so ya'll know I'm stickin to it.

So today I enjoyed some things I will not be seeing again for at least 6 weeks. Some hopefully never again. Because once I get into this... I'm hoping I'll revert back to the *old* me..... eating and habit wise I mean!

French Vanilla = very bad ****** Boston Cream = even worse. Oh Timmy's I will miss you. I will NOT be giving up coffee though.... just it will be my home brewed Timmys!!!

Seriously... a reason to do your weight loss plan in the winter. These are just sooo good in the summer!

How I will miss you!!!!!!

Apparently runners don't run unless you put your feet in them. Too bad,

What's this? Oh my Wii fit. Dion bought it for me months ago. The kids put their toys on it and it sits in the corner.
Apparently having your treadmill folded up really does nothing for you ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

365 day 147 reasons everyone needs a Kadence | Calgary children's photographer

Everyone needs a Kadence :) I know... you all want a sweet little girl who ALWAYS turns to look TO the camera and never runs away EVEN while holding a drink thinking you  MIGHT take a picture of her.

A child that would NEVER spill a slurpee (seriously how hard is it just to hold it upright????) trying to guzzle it down and not miss a drop!

A girl who likes to do things for herself. Like putting her shoes on. A girl who takes pride in the fact that she can do that. And she would never DREAM of putting them on the wrong feet! Or throw a tantrum if you try to correct her. She also takes pride in her clothes. She wouldn't dream of wearing tights with holes in them. Or put holes in more than one pair per day.

A true Kadence also takes great pride in her appearance. Her hair is never out of place, and she just would not stand for dirt on her clothes. She always looks like she just had a bath and put on clean clothes (no word of a lie - I bathed her this morning!) She also would never ever wriggle her one arm out of her shirt and insist on leaving it that way all day. Just to show off her owie she got that day.  Pure silliness I tell you!!!!

She also does not stand for mud. Kadence enjoys quiet, calm, 'girly' activities. Like oh... I don't know.... making mud soup in a big ol bucket in the backyard with a rake. Twigs and grass are her preferred seasonings. Oh yes... she is a domestic goddess! Her baking is TDF!!!

Still need more reasons? Not convinced YOU need a Kadence? Well... she can get her older brother to stop on a dime. He is constantly amazed at how CLEAN she stays all the time. Seriously it is impressive!
He even stops to see if anything is IN the bucket lol.

Which brings me to my main reason to believe EVERYONE needs a little Kadence in their lives.She may take FOREVER getting ready to leave the house... you know her hair has to be perfect, she has to dress herself and picking her shoes may take forever (never mind getting them on the right feet), she has to be perfectly clean and her clothes have to be just so. Even if she begs and I mean PLEADS to have her picture taken throughout the day driving me crazy. Don't even get me started on her fear of dirt......
Despite all her quirkiness, despite her aversion to all things dirt. She can melt your heart. ONE smile. ONE laugh. One weirdo saying that will have you in stitches. THIS is why everyone needs a Kadence :) I'm so glad I have one!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

365 day 146 rollin with it..... | Calgary children's photographer

Today I had this awesome post all planned out.......... well I got half way through taking pics of it and ditched the idea. Why??? Because I am NOT Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart lol. I made this recipe from a website that I was STOKED over... took all these great pics as I went along.... let's just say they did NOT turn out as planned!!! While they do taste good... they just didn't rise! So if anyone knows what I did to a scone recipe for them to turn out flat please FILL ME IN!!!
I knew that it had to be a crumbly mix and not to work it too much... but they came out almost as flat as they went in hahahaha. EPIC failure. Which of course means I will be making said recipe until I can get it right.

SCONE TIPS.... enter here please ;)

So I didn't take pics the whole way through. After I knew my battle was lost I switched and took some pics of the cuties running around outside with the hose. Another gorgeous day. I could SERIOUSLY get used to this,

Although the reminder that I still have an absolute fear of putting shorts on kind of makes me want summer to wait until I really get going on my weight loss plan! HELLO kick in the pants!!!

I'm on a black and white kick... trying some new different approaches. I love love black and white. Especially film black and white. But this will have to do!

Started out so good...... to end up totally disappointing :(


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