Wednesday, February 3, 2010

365 day 84 | Calgary photographer

Sometimes children are not so cooperative. I'm not sure if anyone else has ever noticed this ;)
Our poor little dogs.... in the shuffle of everyday life they sometimes get forgotten. Normally they get their haircuts ever 4-6 weeks - but it was cold so we let it grow. Totally not realizing that under their fur they were prob in pain. I went to shower Myra and boy was she matted!!! So I tried brushing her out. Poor little cutie was being so good - just laying there letting me brush her. Then I heard Kade say Mommy she's bleeding! Looking, she indeed was bleeding. She had sat there the whole time without even a whimper!! Realizing I could not fix this I booked the appt straight away.... and now they are all cute and smell good and are happy again!!!
Poor little puppies.... so loved yet so forgotten :(

So who thought dogs would be better listeners? That is where I went wrong. My kept lunging at me hoping I would give her the treat I was bribing her with!

And typical stubborn Oscar would NOT look at me!!!

And this is for fun... Dion thinks we need to bolt the chairs to the floor. THIS is apparently one of the big draws in this house. WATER. They go for it EVERY TIME. not annoying at all ;)

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  1. Such cute puppies!! The last one of Kadence is absolutely priceless!!



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