Thursday, February 25, 2010

6 month olds.... the perfect age :) | Calgary baby photographer

Seriously.... they are! So smiley, so happy, and so well not moving hahahaha.
I knew this session was just going to rock. I have photographed this cutie since she was in the womb lol. She always has the best smiles, and she is more than happy to get her pictures taken. So.... whenever I have a baby that is as happy as little Miss L I take as many shots as I can.
WHICH made it really really hard to trim down for a gallery. She is just so cute :)

Here you are K - I know you have been waiting........

One more bucket pic ;) Kade STILL gets made when she sees this pictures.... declaring she is never sharing with baby L again. Not that she was really sharing....... haha

I love this picture.... she looks like trouble already!


  1. OMG SO CUTE!!! They are all awesome! I love them all!

  2. very cute...she was not a happy camper in one of those photos...

  3. OMG she is just way to cute!!!! I love that girl!!!

  4. fantastic Kathy! Love LOVE the last one! Got to get me some plexi too!

  5. the bubbles and tutu are awesome! The last bucket pic is my fave though



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