Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the rest of a rockin family shoot | Calgary family photographer

There most definitely is a reason I don't shoot weddings. FEAR. They scare me so much the thought of them makes me want to run screaming. The reason? GROUP SHOTS.
Seriously. You know that site awkward family photos? Ya that is not some place I WANT to see my photos ;) There are soooo many reasons wedding photography (good wedding photography) is expensive. BUT one of them is - really you have to have a clue what to do with group shots. You need to be able to organize, pose, direct, check poses, expose, focus, check poses... check the light.... on and on. So much thought goes into ONE shot... it is incredible.

What does this have to do with my rockin family shoot? GROUP SHOTS. I get so nervous when it comes down to it. Because of course I want them to be perfect. I want them to still be done in my style. I want everyone to be happy and comfortable... and get great keepsakes for them to display! And it makes me soooo nervous!

Every time I do a group shoot I learn something. And I get some great pictures. And I meet some great people!!! This shoot was no exception. It was one of my good friends extended family. We had so much fun and really pulled off some great images. I am so glad to have been given this opportunity!!! Thanks for being so patient waiting for your pictures..... enjoy!


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