Saturday, June 12, 2010

365 day 195 water drops and flare | Calgary photographer

It finally got sunny!!!! And there were some fun water droplets on the plants in the front.
So we went out to play in the morning and I snapped some pics. Not the greatest.... it was amazingly full sun out there..... so I was trying to shadow the plants while snapping :)

When you zoom in on this you can see the sunflare and thr outline of my neighbours house and bushes and the sky. Pretty neat!

I sooooo wanted a clear reflection in this shot... trouble was this little droplet was continuously rolling! I was watching it through the lens - really cool :)

When I was leaving to go to a friends house the sun was setting and our street looked so pretty. So I snapped. Can't ignore good flare!

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  1. gorgeous! You got to the water droplets before I did! Jealous!!



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