Tuesday, June 29, 2010

365 day 212 | Sunglasses.....Kade and I

We bought some new shades today.
I, unfortunately, love BIG sunglasses. Which for me means raccoon tan in 2.5 minutes. I tan very fast, which is a good thing. EXCEPT when it comes to BIG sunglasses lol.

So today I went and got myself a new pair. Of course my kids absolutely HAD to have some too ;)
Kade looks too freakin cute. Little retro diva that she is!!!
Mine are mens.... can you tell? Are sunglasses REALLY that gender specific? I am hoping for my raccoon eyes to go away with them..... what do you think?

Rohan took my pics.... he's getting better! You have to choose focal points the way I have my camera set. He got about 1/2 in focus this time!!! He's going to be a pro in no time!

I was under his 'direction'

More of Ro's posing instructions lol.

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