Sunday, June 20, 2010

365 day 202 that is the grossest thing... and a parade | Calgary photographer

That is the grossest thing I have ever seen in my life.
As spoken by a 4 yr old that is watching his dad fillet a fish :) Rohan and Daddy spent a special day together yesterday. They went fishing! Rohan was so excited not only to spend the day with daddy but also to go fishing for the first time. Apparently he did very well, had a lot of fun and made a new friend. He didn't catch a a fish but daddy caught a few!!!!
Which made HIS day lol. NOT mine. They came home with 3 trout. They were stinky and smelly and I am sure the house STILL smells like them. I think trout are better left swimming in the water. Daddy fried them up and even he didn't eat much! I do not like fish at all (freshwater) so to me this was plain ole icky.

Here's them all in action. They all wanted in on the prep of frying the fish. Noone really wanted in on eating them hahahahaha

He was soooo happy. This however is his please so NOT try to get a pic of this moment lol.

Kade and I went out to Okotoks with Gram for the parade. It was awesome! Kade was freaked out at first - especially as the first few *floats* were fire trucks, cops and ambulance with sirens. She is PETRIFIED of sirens. By the end she was finally totally getting into it. She even took one step onto the street to grab a candy lol. The parade there was awesome - we had so much fun!!!

How she spent the first 10 min of the parade!!!! Then she started peeking out, then the hands came down and smiles started. Baby steps. Hope she's ready for the Stampede Parade this year!

There were so many gorgeous horses. I took about a bazillion pics of them all - but this one was totally staring me down :)


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