Sunday, June 13, 2010

365 day 197 oooh the smiles. irresistable. | Calgary children's photographer

Sometimes I wonder just what it is like to be a child. There smiles are so real. So huge. When they are smiling their eyes completely light up and their personalities explode. And you see just how amazing they are.

Even when you are having a not so hot day. Which I wasn't. Apparently boys start out pretty early in life in their demands. And it is not just one thing at a time. It is multiple. So when you are carrying potful after potful of hot water from sink to pool enormous amounts of hot water you are ALSO soupposed to be putting the slide on the pool, wiping their faces, and taking them to the bathroom. Interestingly enough when you are running hot water it doesn't have a sensor - oh she's busy and the pot is full, I'll just turn off. Noooooo the water continues to run...... and while this is happening you daughter seemingly forgets how to drive the jeep and runs right over your favorite bush then gets stuck on top of it. While she is doing this and you finally notice (because the boy has like 182% of your attention and the rest is on the overflowing pots) she is completely naked as she couldn't wait for you to get something for her to wear in the pool so the birthday suit was chosen by her. Phew. See what I mean? Chaos. Everything is A-OK and then WHAM what the heck just happened?

And it probably wasn't one of my better days - you know just off. Patience? Some days you just don't have it.

My sister grabbed her kids and went running for the hills. Seriously scary stuff!

The kids did in fact have a great day after all. We went by the how to wear out your kid post and did.... wake up at 6, play, play in the pool, go to Gram's and do yard word, play at the park, go home and BAM they are asleep in bed. I LOVE those stories!

My eye is killing me... so that is all. If anyone knows why ONE eye would just continuously run please fill me in. It really hurts now - irritated from constant tears and me wiping it.

Fisrt... can I just say how much I love this picture. I wish wish it was somewhere with a gorgeous backdrop... but oh well. Now that we have found a way to get her look and smile once in a while... I am going to attempt dressing her up and taking her out for some pics!

I wish I was small enough to have THIS MUCH fun in such a tiny pool. Man look at those faces!

Watering Gram's garden. She took this job VERY seriously!


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