Thursday, June 3, 2010

365 day 186 just that kind of day | Calgary children's photographer

It is just that kind of day. I need COFFEE. In massive doses. In fact an IV would do just fine. I'm grouchy. The weather is not helping. My kids are fighting and trashing the house.

It may or may not be because of last night......

Rohan went to bed and promptly fell asleep. They were promised a movie today with grandma and mommy if they went to bed nicely and went to sleep.
Kadence stayed up. And up. And up. I want milk. I want more milk. I can't get baby's diaper on. I can't sleep. I'm itchy. I'm thirsty. I need to pee.  My weg hurts..... on and on. Finally she was out.

She was out long enough to get up around 9. Wanted daddy. She has barely seen him in the last few days and must have heard him come home. She came down and watched DWTS with us. Fell asleep on the couch. I let her - I had work to do.

Then down comes Rohan at 11. I had a nightmare. Again. Super. Let him stay up and watch Diego. Put Kade in her bed.

Dion took Ro to bed. I want milk. I can't sleep. My leg hurts...... Finally he was out.

I get ready for bed. Rohan is ALL OVER our bed - so I go to his lol. And then Kade is up. AGAIN. I'm thirsty. I can't sleep. I want to sleep in your bed.... sorry Kade it's already pretty crowded! I finally convince her to go to Ro's room with me. Where she proved herself right - she really was having problems sleeping. Tossing and turning, talking and crying.....

Morning came to early.

You know what follows brutal nights? Days that are WORSE. Now I have grumpy children that I swear would fight over which AIR was theirs to breathe if they could.
And we're supposed to go to a movie?

Better warn the people to bring ear plugs. I want some.

I also ran out of coffee. Shocking I know! So I grabbed this from Sev. Not terrible. Not awesome. Good enough to have more than one cup ;)

Is it too early to start him on a caffeine regimen? Seriously grouchy.


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