Sunday, June 13, 2010

365 day 196 how to tire out your children | Calgary children's photography

First wake them up at 6. I am already ahead of you. Mine do it themselves. (hahahahaha can you sense the annoyance?)

Feed them. Make them play.

Then take them to soccer. Rohan ran himself out! Poor little guy looked like he was about to pass out he ran himself so hard. But - it was worth it, he scored a super awesome goal! Even Kade was running around shooting the ball with daddy.

Then let them play at the park for an hr. If soccer doesn't do it - the park will.

Then go grocery shopping. But make them stay in the car with you. Also get them to take goofy pictures. Because I SWEAR I love the light in my car's backseat. If I could do portraits in the car it would be perfect!!!!

Waiting patiently for daddy to come out of the store.

Soccer is DIRTY WORK!


Go home. Have a BBQ. get the kids helping with yard cleanup.

Then break out the pool. Invite over the fam. Sit around and watch the kids play.

Honestly we have tried so many pools. The $12 hard plastic in combo with the slide = best money every spent.

He was dying to ride this bike lol.

Yep. totally worth it.

Once the meltdowns start that is the cue for supper.

Thankfully that means bedtime is sure to follow.

Of course I can not forget this advice..... while you are out taking pictures you might want to keep your eye open for your son who is GOING to run into you with his jeep while you are intent on getting that stinkin dandelion shot you want!

Do this all in full sun with a smile.

Repeat the next day and the next and the next...............


Disclaimer: This does NOT mean your children are going to fall asleep right away as one would hope. Rohan after being put into bed snuck into our bathroom soaking himself in my perfume, lathering Watkins into his hair and, smearing Aloe Vera all over the mirror, counter, and yes the toilet paper roll ends. Dion spent half an hr showering him! He hasn't done that in a long time - so it was unexpected!!!!
It does NOT mean they will stay sleeping. Rohan got up around 3 am and that was a real.... ummmm treat. ya treat.

It DOES make for a great day though!

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  1. AHHH I love that b/w of Rohan with his eyes closed!! I see canvas written all over that ;)



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