Saturday, June 26, 2010

365 day 208 save me | Calgary

Save me from my HOUSE!!!!!!! Some days being a SAHM just doesn't pay enough. No really it's true. I LOVE LOVE being a SAHM. I love seeing my kids every day.
But some days they just plain and simple DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!!!! I thought taking the 4 kids to the park then coming home would tire them out...... I think it just made everyone grouchy! We parked it, then came home had lunch, they had a special ice cream treat and I let them run around with waterguns. That is where it really went downhill. I love listening to never ending crying and whining! So I moved the gong show inside for a movie while I attempted to straighten the house.

Sometimes.... I am so impressed when I get to clean something thinking my kids are watching a movie. Or playing. The other day I was so happy to finally give the master bathroom a good scrubdown. When I left my bedroom I came out to find...... Kade. Soaking wet. Covered in dirt. And a trail of muddy water from the kids bathroom to her room. AWESOME. She was watering the seeds we had planted.

OR..... like this day. I had folded 8 million loads of laundry throughout the day (or so it seemed). Started making supper only to realize the kids were jumping on my bed. That took a few seconds to register. MY BED..... the bed ALL the laundry was folded on!!!!

Maybe this will help paint the picture of the day..... while upstairs folding laundry kids going through the fridge, leaving it wide open, grabbing cheese slices and attempting to SMUSH them out of the plastic. ALL OVER.

How about this? Clean up the living room so I can wash the floors. Go downstairs to change the laundry and hear super loud crashing noises upstairs. Come up to find this

Thankfully they were playing nicely and all was well... and I gave up on the floors lol.

Or try trying to sweep. When kids are fighting, toys are flying, and someone poops their pants.

Some days you just have to give it up. Which I did. Bedtime came and I took off. Bought a book. And a slurpee. And did nothing else but read.


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