Tuesday, June 1, 2010

365 day 183 sisters can be crazy | Calgary photographer

My sister's preganancy hormones finally got the best of her. Or so I told her!!!!
She made this killer fort for her kids out of these huge washer and dryer boxes.... it is really awesome!! I think she may have lost all use in her right arm for a few days after making all the cutouts ;)

But that was not enough...... she had to let the kids PAINT IT too!!!! I happened to arrive just before the painting started and man. That was um.... not messy at all!!!

Of course..... for kids... the messier it is...... the more fun!!!!

Yep the mats are a great idea..... too bad kids walk on them and the drips and can not grasp the concept of STAY ON THE MATS!!!!

Nope.... no fun at all!

Funnest (yes it is a word) kid award goes to the toga kid ;)

What a great mommy and auntie!

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  1. Gasp!! An almost pic of Jenny pregnant???? Wow! She's totally crazy to do that with all those kids!!



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