Monday, June 7, 2010

365 day 189 dinosaurs, animals and daddy love | Calgary children's photographer

I tried doing this post all last night and again this am. Blogger was down and out for me for some reason. Now that it is up I am rushing to get this done!!!!

I learned a few things this morning.
1. There will NEVER EVER be a good time to shower. As some of my previous posts have shown my kids are dangerous when I am in the shower. Which has lead to 3 min showers. Which by default means no shaving.  Unless daddy is home. But lately he never is. Yesterday was so nice out I knew I wanted to wear capris so I thought I would chance it. That was a mistake. I had no sooner finished half a leg when Ro came barging into the bathroom screaming KADE POOPED IN HER PANTS!!! Ugh. So I tell him to tell her to stay still and I will be right there. I quickly (and I mean superhero quick) finished that leg, jumped out when Rohan was back - we're trying to clean it mom don't worry! heart pounding and images popping into my head of kids covered in crap send me flying down the stairs. This is where #2 fits in.
2. My kids do not get that the dogs have to be let out when they scratch at the door. It wasn't Kade that pooped. It was a dog. YAY. They had been playing like 3 ft from the door and ignored the dogs pleas to go outside.
3. My kids try to be helpful. In sometimes the worst ways. So my kids being kids grabbed a few dishcloths and towels and tried cleaning it up. Into crack of the hardwood, the grout of the tile. It was awesome.
4. We all made it out alive and will laugh over the state of them, the floor, and the poor dogs one day. Just not today.

And now on to the good stuff!
Yesterday Dion finally had an afternoon off. as luck would have it it was a beautiful day! We headed out to the zoo and had an amazing time!

The dinosaurs alive exhibit is pretty cool. Kade was freaking out until Rohan showed her the buttons to control them - they really do look real and the *roaring* is pretty good too! The only annoying thing... the pathway is TINY and I mean REAL TINY.... people with those double chariots could barely manouver and if you have to pull over with your kids and a stroller it is a HUGE PAIN. You would think now that they are CHARGING for parking (seriously tick me off) they could afford a bit of a bigger path! The funny thing..... when you get to the exhibit they have dino prints or bird prints marking the way to walk. Too bad they TOTALLY look like arrows that point you in the wrong direction!

The rest of it is pretty cool though. We had fun and Rohan did not freak out TOO much when he found out the only exhibit he actually cares about (creatures of the night) was closed. Thanks goodness for screamer diversions! It was his first one so he was all over that. I on the other hand think I have outgrown them. Too bad because I had my first one at the zoo and usually get one every time. The times they are a changin ;)

I am so happy we got to spend the day together with daddy and the kids were really loving it as well. Good times at the zoo!!!

I have NEVER seen a joey in the puch before. Actually disturbing. Doesn't look soft and cushy and comfy at all. It looks like the baby is being born and ripping out her stomache!

What I IMAGINED the ouch of a kangaroo to look like. Nice and soft (ok this one isn't soft haha) and they could jump in and out....

We parked the stroller on goldfish or something like it. Apparently it must be the peacocks FAV food! No fear when it comes to food for these guys - it was right up to Kade in the stroller!

It really got as many as it could from under the stroller. I was worried it was going to start eating Kade lol.

The screamer that saved us all!

FINALLY got to see the baby. Runs like crazy - they look so funny running. Hello awkward!

SO SO cute!!!

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  1. Bahahahaha! I was totally feeling all that went on. I never get a chance to shave either! I'm like amazon woman and need to move to England where I would fit in. ;) I love the pictures! The one of Daddy and DD is perfect in every way. That needs to be on the wall!



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