Saturday, June 12, 2010

365 day 194 my kids on sleep | Calgary children's photographer

My kids. Sleep. A combo that wile annoying is also funny. Just depends on how much (or actually how little usually) sleep they let me get!

They will avoid sleep whenever possible. Ro gave up his naps at 18 months. And lived off of 4-5 hrs of sleep at night. HOW? I have no clue. I wanted to die. I had a newborn that slept WAY more than him! Kade gave up her nap at 2.

How they avoid sleeping can sometimes be hilarious. I have posted some of Ro's bedtime antics before... but now Kade wants in on the action too!

So the other day I mentioned my kids got up at 5. Well they didn't go to sleep until 10. When I went up to bed I found Ro in our room, not disturbing any of the folded laundry. HOT HOT HOT..... checked under the covers he was wearing his fur lined slippers, pj's, and swimsuit! He had soaked my pillow... and was ZONKED.
I found Kade in her room on the floor on this *bed* made of Rohan's baby blankets and pillows.

The next morning Ro told me he had made the bed in Kade's room for him to sleep in. But Kade wanted to sleep in it so he went to our bed. THEY WILL PLAY AND DO ANYTHING to get out of going to sleep!!! 10 at night lol.


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