Tuesday, June 15, 2010

365 day 198 girls day (I let her paint my nails) | Calgary children's photographer

Somewhat last minute Ro went for a sleepover at Grandma's last night. In truth I had totally forgotten about it. So much goes on in a day I forget things very easily. No really. Ask anyone close to me. Dion thinks I don't listen. Truth is I do. And really have the best intentions. I am just a busy mom :) Eventually I do remember things... but the question is WHEN!!!!!

So I had no time to prepare the kids. As they get older and close it is tougher to separate the two of them. Kade is used to school - but for the rest of the day Ro is hers to follow around and copy as she pleases. And she pleases to all day!!!

So to say she was heartbroken MAY be an understatement. I drove Ro to Gram's (in OKOTOKS) and when I got back Kade was still upset demanding to be taken to Gram's and to see WOA-WEE. I had to lay the smack down and get her to bed before it would be an all night cry fest for all of us. Once in bed she was out for the night.

Shockingly.. I woke up at 4:30 WITH NO KIDS UP!!!!! Grrrr the one morning I could have slept in (well ok Kade was up at 6) I didn't. But it was so nice. Quiet. Peaceful. Plus I got 1 set of test prints in to 3 labs, reordered biz cards and started planning some packages. I got a ton of work done :) Which makes me happy.

Kade got up STILL crying for woa-wee. She just wanted him. I told her we were going to have her friends over to paint all their nails and watch The Princess and the Frog. Well by 6:15 she had her sandals on (with her jammies) ready to go. Waiting until 8:30 almost. killed. her. and maybe me in the process. But she did. And we went. Then waiting for her friends almost.killed.her. But she waited. As soon as one of them arrived it was NAIL time! She did fairly well for an almost 3 yr old. She even waited for all her stickers to be put on. And she picked each one lol.

Then..... she did my nails. I told her she could, but was hoping she would forget. No such luck. She picked purple for me. Well... she got the nails alright. More impressive she got a whack of skin painted purple too!
I think she may have to practice just a little more! She was so proud of herself though. She made me sit still and blow on them until they dried. And not to wreck them because DADDY WILL LOOOOOOVE THEM :) Which of course he told her she should do my toenails too. Thanks daddy - think I'll take a rain check on that one!

I know.... you're all jealous! Fab paint job. It is going to be ALL THE RAGE!

So we did nails, watched the movie. OK - who am I kidding? Popcorn, toys, and 3 almost 3 yr olds do NOT sit for a movie! But it was fun all the same.

Then off to get Ro and home again for supper. Which left Kade a little more than tired. She fell asleep in the car the way there, the way home, and when we were home. Took forever to wake her up!

To keep Kade happy while supper was finishing up I painted her toe nails. She may be a bit of an addict now lol. So she picked orange for her fingers and purple for her toes. She may also be color blind. Should get that checked ;)

To keep Rohan happy I let him play with his new transformer from Gram (how DO kids wind them around their fingers SO easily!!!!) at the kitchen table with me. He is totally in love with transformers. Yay. Can you hear my enthusiasm?? It is cool to actually see him play with a car though. First time for everything!

Anyways. End of story. Good day. Now the two of them are back together to fight as normal.


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